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Virus – Exercise for Practice (SLC) | Science Class 10

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VirusReference Notes | SLC
Virus – Exercise for Practice
For: Science Class 10

1. Identify the two diseases caused by virus regarding the parts affected.

a.i. High fever
ii. Respiratory tract becomes affected.
iii. Eyes become sensitive to sunlight
iv. Skin rashes
b.i. Respiratory system,
ii. fever is intermittent
iii. parotid gland
iv. Testes.

2. Write two characters of virus.
3. Why virus is called obligate parasite?
4. The figure represents a virus. Label parts A and B. Mention their functions.

Structure of Bacteriophase

5.a. Why are virus known as obligatory parasites?
b. AIDS virus doesn’t kill a human being but it helps other diseases. Justify this statement.
6. What is the reason for transmitting HIV virus causing cold through blood and air media respectively?
7. What causes polio?
8. Which virus causes common cold? What happens if a person suffering from AIDS catches common cold
9. Are viruses living or non-living objects? Explain.
10. Give full form of AIDS and TMV.
11. Write the full form of AIDS. State four main methods by which the virus that causes AIDS gets transmitted from one person to another
12. How does individual suffer from AIDS? Give a way of transmission of this disease. What symptoms is seen in the victim?
13. Give Characteristics of Virus
14. What is virus
15. Why do polio victims become paralyzed?

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