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Mitosis Cell Division – Science | SLC Notes

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Mitosis Cell DivisionReference Notes | SLC
Notes on “Mitosis Cell Division”
For: Science Class 10

a. Cytokinesis
Cytokinesis is division of cytoplasm and karyokinesis is division of nucleus.

b. Karyokinesis
Karyokinesis of mitosis completes in the following four main phases:

  • Prophase
  • Metaphase
  • Anaphase
  • Telophase

In prophase, nucleolus disappears, nuclear membrane is disappearing, centrosome fibres is started between the centrosomes. At the last of this phase, chromosomes make their duplicates.

Mitosis Cell Division - 1

In metaphase, nuclear membrane disappears, formation of spindle fibre is completed, chromosomes come at equator and attach and their spindle fibres by the help of their centromeres.

In anaphase, centromere decomposes into two parts and chromatids. Now the chromosomes move towards opposite poles due to contraction of spindle fibres towards the poles.

Telophase, chromosomes reach at poles and form two daughter nuclei, the cell is rehydrated, finally the cell goes for cytokinesis and one cell divides into two diploid daughter cells.

Mitosis Cell Division - 2

Significance of mitosis
Significance of mitosis cell division are as the followings:

a. Helps in growth.
b. Does asexual reproduction
c. Replacement of cell and regeneration
d. Maintains genetic stability

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