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Important Conceptual Questions | Stimulation and Reaction – Science (SLC)

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stimulation and reactionSLC | Important Questions
Conceptual Questions with Answer
Unit : Stimulation and Reaction | Subject: Science
Class: 10

1. Why Plants and animals show stimulations?
Ans. Plants and Animals show stimulation for food, shelter, water, air, reproduction.

2. Why person immediately dies when gets injured in medulla oblongata?
Ans. Medulla oblongata controls the functions of involuntary organs like functioning of heart, lungs, kidneys etc. The injury at medulla oblongata causes the mal-functioning of this organ.

3. Why hormones are called chemical messengers?
Ans. Trace amount of hormone can guide and regulate the various life activities to bring correct physiological and biological balance. So it is called chemical messengers.

4. Why Pituitary gland is called master gland?
Ans. Pituitary gland secretes the various hormones that guides and controls the activities of the various endocrine glands in our body.

5. Why Pancreas is called mixed gland?
Ans. Pancreas has two different types of glands i.e. endocrine gland (islets of langerhans) and exocrine glands (alpha and beta cells) . So, that it is called mixed gland.

6. Why Adrenal gland is called gland of emergency?
Ans. Adrenal gland secrets the hormone called adrenaline where the adrenaline controls and regulates the heart beat, blood circulation glucose level, functions of lungs etc at the time of emergency. Hence Adrenal gland is called gland of emergency.

7. Why Brain is found inside the bony cage?
Ans. Bony cage keeps the delicate brain more safe i.e. cranium is the safeguard of brain.

8. Why Cerebro spinal fluid is found around the central nervous system? (What is the function of cerebro-spinal fluid?)
Ans. Cerebro-spinal fluid protects the brain from shock and injury as well as it nourishes the brain.

9. Why a falling man falls inverted?
Ans. The brain is heavier so that our head lies downward.

10. Why Hyper-secretion of parathyroid hormone causes kidney and liver stone?
Ans. Hyper secretion of paratharmone increases the level of calcium by absorbing from their source in body i.e. bone, teeth etc. so that deposition of excessive calcium take place in kidneys liver as stone.

11. Why deficiency of insulin causes the diabetes in our body?
Ans. Deficiency of insulin stops the blood glucose to convert in to glycogen so that it can’t be stored in the liver, hence increases the level of blood glucose. It causes diabetes.

12. Why the size of the brain of elephant is larger than that of man still man is more intelligent than elephant?
Ans. The ratio of our brain with our body is more comparing with the ratio of elephant brain with its body.

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