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Exercise for Practice from “Atmosphere” – Science SLC

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AtmosphereReference | SLC
Exercise for Practice from “Atmosphere”
For: Science Class 10

Answer the following questions.

  1. What is atmosphere? List the composition of different gases in the atmosphere?
  2. List the layers of the atmosphere.
  3. List the thickness of different layers of atmosphere.
  4. What is tropopause? Write the rate of decrease of temperature of troposphere with its height.
  5. Why is the troposphere denser?
  6. Which layer of atmosphere is called stratosphere? List its thickness.
  7. What characters does the stratosphere show?
  8. Which layer of atmosphere is responsible to absorb ultra violet rays? Name the matter that absorbs ultraviolet rays and remains in the atmosphere.
  9. Why lower layer of troposphere is is hotter?
  10. Write the event that happens in the troposphere.
  11. Write every short note about the distribution of temperature in the stratosphere.
  12. Write short note about wind below in the mesosphere.
  13. Why thermosphere is called ionosphere too?
  14. In which layer of atmosphere following events happen?
    a. Lightning and thundering
    b. Meteors produce streaks produce streaks of light.
    c. Radio waves are reflected to the earth
    d. Clouds are formed and showers rain
  15. Define
    a. Stratopause
    b. Ozonosphere
    c. Mesopause
    d. Mesosphere
  16. Why is temperature of upper layer of stratosphere more?
  17. What is ozone? Where is layer of ozone situated?
  18. What is meant by ozone layer? How is it formed?
  19. Which rays is absorbed by ozone layer? What are advantages to us from this act of the ozone layer?
  20. Write importance of ozone layer.
  21. What are measure matters which cause depletion of ozone layer?
  22. How should we take care of ozone layer?
  23. Ozone layer is security shield for living things in the earth. How?
  24. What is meant by ozone hole? What does it inform to living things of the earth; sign of goodness or danger to us? How?
  25. What is CFC and uses of it?
  26. Why is CFC banned?
  27. What are the effects of depletion of ozone layer?
  28. Define green house effect?
  29. What is meant by natural green house and artificial green house?
  30. Write the importance of natural green house?
  31. Write the uses of artificial green house.
  32. How is green house effect produced?
  33. What are measure matters which cause increase of green house effect?
  34. List the effects of increasing green house effect.
  35. List human activities which increase green house effect.
  36. Increasing green house effect is more dangerous to our country, Nepal, How?
  37. What should be our role to decrease the green house effect?
  38. Sketch a figure to show natural green house
  39. Sketch artificial green house including its functioning.
  40. What is industrial gas?
  41. What are toxic industrial gases?
  42. What is meant by industrial pollution?
  43. What is meant by industrial smog?
  44. What is meant by acid rain? How is acid rain formed?
  45. Which industrial gases cause diseases of throat and thorax in human?
  46. Which industrial gases cause increase of global temperature?
  47. Which industrial gases cause acid rain?
  48. What is industrial pollution?
  49. List the effects of industrial pollution.

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