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Essay on “Importance of Physical Exercise” – SLC Notes

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Physical ExerciseSLC Examination Notes
Essay on “Importance of Physical Exercise” – Free Writing
For: Class 10

A famous quote by Earl of Derby well defines the topic ‘Those who do not find time for physical exercise will have to find time for illnesses’. Physical exercise is any bodily activity that maintains physical fitness and overall health.

We do different kinds of activities like dancing, games, aerobic, jogging, walking, running, swimming, yoga, etc as regular exercises. People do these physical fitness activities for various reasons. Physical exercise helps for weight loss or maintenance and for enjoyment. Regular exercise burns fat from our body and helps to lose weight. We go to gym or yoga centres or play indoor and outdoor games to remove toxic fat from our body. The activities like skating, dancing, cycling, etc are also done for enjoyment. People love doing them.

Likewise physical exercise makes our immune system better, and helps to prevent some diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It may help decrease the effects of childhood obesity. The research has shown that it also helps to cut genetic obesity. It also improves mental health and helps to prevent depression. We can find old age people doing various kinds of yoga, walking and jogging to get relief from old age health problems.

It is said that good daily activity, good balanced diet and good thinking are necessary to lead a happy life. These things are directly or indirectly maintained by frequent and regular exercise. So to keep ourselves healthy and well, we must exercise.

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