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Differences Between Mitosis and Meiosis Cell Division – SLC Notes

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Differences Between Mitosis and Meiosis Cell Division
For: Science Class 10

Mitosis cell division is that in which one cell divides into two diploid daughter cells. It is also called educational cell division and mitotic cell division. It causes growth.

Meiosis cell division is that in which one cell divides into four haploid daughter cell. It is also called reductional cell division and meiotic cell division. It forms gamete.

Mitosis cell divisionMeiosis cell division (Meiotic First)
1.  In Prophase, Chromosomes do not form bivalents.1. Bivalents are formed.
2. Crossing over does not take place.2. Crossing over takes place.
3. It is the longest phase mitosis cell division.3. It is longer than prophase of mitosis cell division.
4. In Metaphas, Centromeres are found equator4. Centromeres are faced towards the poles.
5. In C- Anaphas, Centromere divides to separate chromosome from a chromatid.5. Centromere does not divide but chromosomes separate from their bivalents.
6. Cytokinesis  starts.6. Cytokinesis may or may not start.
7. In Telophas, Cytokinesis takes place.7. Cytokinesis may or may not take palce.
8. Diploid nuclei are formed.8. Haploid nuclei are formed.
9. One cell divides into two daughter cells.9. One cell divides into four daughter cells.
10. Causes growth.10. Causes formation of gametes.
11. Completes in less phases (4 phases).11. Completes in more phases (8 phases).
12. Forms diploid cells.12. Forms haploid cells.
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