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X-Rays – Four Important Questions With Answer | Physics Grade XII

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X-RaySolved Questions
X-Rays – Four Important Questions With Answer
For: Class 12

1. In the production of X-ray, how will you control the penetrating power of X-rays? [HSEB 2052]
Ans: Penetrating power of X-ray depends on its energy. Energy of X-ray depends on applied potential difference across the target and the filament. So as potential difference is increased, penetrating power X-ray is also increased and vice versa. Hence penetrating power of X-ray can be controlled by controlling the applied potential difference between the two electrodes in X-ray tube.

2. Can Aluminium be used as a target in X-ray tube?
Ans: No, Aluminium cannot be used as target in X-ray tube because for target element, it should have following properties i.e. having high melting point, high atomic weight and transition energy in the order of energy of X-ray which are not possible in Aluminium.

3. X-ray cannot be deflected by electric and magnetic fields. Why?
Ans: The electric and magnetic fields deflect only charged particles. The X-rays, being electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength, are chargeless. Hence, they are not deflected by electric and magnetic fields.

4. How are the different types of X-ray classified?
Ans: X-rays are classified as soft and hard X-rays. Soft X-rays are less penetrating and of larger wavelength while Hard X-rays are highly penetrating and of shorter wavelength.

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