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Vaccine Preparation – Types and Uses | Biology Class 12

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Vaccine Preparation – Types and Uses
For: Science Class 12

Any substance that causes activation of an animal’s immune system without causing disease is called vaccine. Vaccine contains antigens that stimulates immune system for producing antibodies reacting to the antigen and increases immunity. The vaccine can be given orally or injected into the body and develops active immunity. Vaccine has harmless derivative of antigens and increase the defenses against the pathogens. The immune system of an animal produces photogenes chemicals against the antigens and is called as antibodies.

The first vaccine was prepared by Edward Jenner in 1796 against small pox.

Types of Vaccine

1. Killed pathogen as vaccine.
The vaccine prepared from dead bodies of pathogens is called killed pathogen as vaccine. When they are injected into the body they make the immune system to produce antibodies, the vaccines for cholera, typhoid, encephalitis etc are the examples.

2. Toxoid as Vaccine
The chemical that is prepared by destroying toxic property of toxic with keeping antigen property is called toxoid. If toxoid is injected into the body the antigens present in the chemical stimulates immune system for producing antibodies and increase immunity. The antibodies and increase immunity. The vaccine for tetanus and whooping oaugh are the examples.

3. Weaken virus as vaccine
The vaccine can be prepared by keeping weaken viruses. During the process the virus is made weak by treating with radiation or chemicals. The vaccine for Tuberculosis, Polio, BCG, and Measles are the examples

Uses of Vaccines

  1. It is used to develop immunity against pathogens.
  2. It is used to kill pathogens
  3. If stimulates growth and development of an individual.
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