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Unit Wise Evaluation (Marking) Scheme – Physics Class 12

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microwave telecommunicationPhysics Exam | HSEB
Evaluation (Marking) Scheme of Physics
For: Science Class 12

This evaluation scheme is according to syllabus 2066. Both Written and Piratical evaluation scheme are given below.marking

Evaluation Scheme for Practical Examination:

One Experiment: 12 Marks
One Activity: 3 Marks
Practical record of Experiment and activities: 5 Marks
Viva on Experiment and Activity: 5 Marks
Total: 25 Marks

Evaluation Scheme of Written Exam:

In the Table numerator denotes the number of question to be attempted and denominator denotes the number of questions asked. For example, 3/4 means 3 questions are to be answered out of 4 questions.

UnitTeaching HourLAQSAQNPMark DistributionTotal
Wave and Optics23 + 171/2  + 1/23/31/1 + 1/14+463+320
Electricity and Magnetism553/44/62/34+4+485+328
Modern Physics553/44/62/24+4+484+327


LAQ: Long Answer Question
SAQ: Short Answer Question
NP: Numerical Problems

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