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There is/are – Solution Examples | Meaning into Words Grade XI

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There is/are – Complete Guide
For: Class 11 – English Grammar
Meanings into Words

There is/are

There + Present continuous
1. There are some men mending the road.
2. Look- there’s something standing outside the window.
3. Is there anyone sitting here?

There is + Noun complement
1. There’s a desk in the room.
2. There are plenty of cheap hotels in the town.
3. Is there a campsite here?


1. Change the following sentences as shown in the example.
Example: The room has a table.
There is a table in the room.
Something is standing outside the door.
There is something standing outside the door.
(a) Some people are building a road.
(b) Our village has three schools.
(c) Some TVs can be fixed on the wall.
(d) We have a temple near our house.
(e) 200 tigers have been counted in Chitawan National Park.
(a) There are some people building a road.
(b) There are three schools in our village.
(c) There are some TVs that can be fixed on the wall.
(d) There is a temple near our house.
(e) There are 200 tigers in Chitawan National Park.


1. Change the following sentences as shown in the example.
Example: Some kettles switch themselves off.
There are some kettles that switch themselves off.
(a) Some fridges can be fixed on the wall.
(b) You can put some glass dishes in a hot oven.
(c) Some saucepans stop your milk boiling over.
(d) You can defrost some fridges without taking food out.
(e) Some dishwashers can even get the egg off your plates.

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