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The Elephant – Important Questions with Answer | Major English Grade XI

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Elephant in zooMajor English Class 11
The Elephant – Solution
Important Questions with Answer
By: Slawomir Mrozek

1. What relation do you find between the character of the zoo director and the condition of the animals he chooses to exhibit? [2059]
Ans. From the condition of the animals in the zoo, we can guess that the zoo director is a selfish and greedy man who wants to get promotion by unfair means. He is a corrupt official. In his zoo, the giraffe has a short neck, the badger does not dig holes and the whistler whistles unwillingly. This shows that either the animals are duplicate ones or they are malnourished. He does not know the educational significance of the animals kept at zoo. So, he plans to keep the rubber elephant in the zoo instead of keeping the real elephant. He only values number than quality. So, his zoo has got three thousand rabbits but not an elephant.

2. How does the way the elephant will be constructed, what it will be filled with and how it will be labeled satirize the governmental bureaucracy in Poland? [2061]
Ans. The rubber elephant is the symbol of political propaganda. Similarly, the zoo director is the symbol of bureaucracy of Poland. It seems real to the people but on keen examination proves to be false and duplicate. The zoo director says that the rubber elephant will be filled by air and painted properly. Since it will not move, they will keep a notice on the railing saying that this particular elephant is particularly sluggish. This plan shows that the bureaucracy of Poland think the people as puppets. They think that general public can not understand what is true and what is false. They think that general public can be easily cheated. The rubber elephant is hollow inside which shows that the promise of bureaucracy of Poland is hollow. The development of the country is like the elephant which will shake even on slight disturbance.

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