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Test Tube Baby (Invitro Fertilization Technology) | Biology Class 12

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Test tube BabyZoology | Notes
Test Tube Baby (Invitro Fertilization Technology)
For: Science | Biology Class 12

Normally conception occurs when an ovum from an ovary fertilizes with sperm in fallopian tube. The fertilized egg called as zygote travels towards uterus where it is implanted and grows. But many couples cannot conceive pregnancy because of low sperm count, blockage in fallopian tube abnormal sperm and others alike. Test tube baby technique is a method that enables the couples having fertility problems to bear child. In this technique, the ova and sperm are fused in test tube where all the essential nutrients are available. As fertilization is artificially done in test tube, the test tube baby technique is also called as in vitro fertilization (IVF technology)

IVF technology involves giving the women fertility drop to stimulate ova production and then ova are removed of from the ovary under aseptic condition. She is then given hormones to prepare her uterus for implanting zygote. The ova are kept in the text tube where all the essential requirements are present and sperm from the male is kept in the test tube which fertilizes the ovum. The zygote thus formed grows in expense of the nutrients present in the tube. The zygote becomes 32 cell stage in 2-3 days and best grown zygote is selected and then implanted in the inner wall of uterus of the mother. If the mother has any problems in the uterus then the zygote can be implanted in the uterus of another woman who is known as surgote mother. Surgote mother can also be defined as the woman who lends her uterus for the implantation of zygote incase of original mother is unlit for the purpose. The first text tube baby of world was born in 25th July 1978 and named as Louise Joy Brown. The first test tube baby of Nepal is Om Mani Tamang. Who was born in Om Hospital and Research centre in 2005 March 3rd. The success rate of text tube baby technique is only 15% and the technique is tried only after all other options are failed.

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