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Setup of Compound Microscope – Viva Voice Questions | Physics Class 11

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Compound MicroscopeViva Voice Questions With Answer
Setup of Compound Microscope
For: Science Class 11 | Physics

Q.1: What is the difference in the construction of a telescope and microscope?
Ans. In the telescope the objective of larger focal length is used whereas in microscope image of very small objects.

Q.2: What is meant by magnifying glass?
Ans. A simple microscope is also called a magnifying glass because it produces magnified image of very small objects.

Q.3: Where the image is formed in compound microscope?
Ans. The image is compound microscope is formed at the least distance of distinct vision, which is 25 cm for a healthy eye.

Q.4: What is the formula to calculate the magnifying power of compound microscope?
Ans. The magnifying power of a compound microscope is given by: M = L/fo ( 1 + d )/fo

fo = focal length of objective
fo = focal length of eye-piece
L = Length of microscope

Q.5: What is magnifying power?
Ans. Magnifying power as simply magnification produced by any lens is the ratio of distance of image to distance of object from the lens.

i.e. Magnification = distance of image from the lens / distance of object from the lens

Q.6: What is an objective and an eye-piece?
Ans. An objective is a lens which is placed near the object, and eye-piece is a lens which is close to the eye.

Q.7: What is a compound microscope and what are it uses?
Ans. It is an optical instrument consists of two convex lenses. It is used for viewing magnified image of very small objects.

Q.8: What are the condition of large magnification in a compound microscope?
Ans. Following are the conditions of large magnification in a compound microscope:

(a) Focal length of objective and that of eye-piece should be small.
(b) Length of microscope should be large.

Q.9: What is a simple microscope?
Ans. It consists of a convex lens and when an object is placed with in its focal length, a virtual and magnified image is formed.

Q.10: What is the difference in using of a telescope and a microscope?
Ans. Telescope is used to see distant object clearly whereas the microscope is used to see small objects in magnified form.

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