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SET I – Model Question Paper of Compulsory English Grade XII

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English SeaQuestion Bank | Model Question Paper
Set One | Compulsory English
Grade XII | Syllabus Year: 2065+

Full marks: 100 | Pass marks: 40 Time: 3 hours

Q.N.1. Read the following passage and answer the question given below. (5*3=15)
About 2500 years ago in Egypt the wise men of the country had a problem that they were unable to solve. They wanted to know the height of a great pyramid. One man suggested that someone climb the pyramid and measure it. Somebody tried to do so, but the pyramid was tall and the sloping sides were slippery. While there wise men were trying to figure out how to climb the structure, somebody brought up another problem. “We still won’t know the actual height,” he said. “All that the workman could measure would be the length of the slope.”

Then somebody suggested that they consult Thales, a Greek scientist who was living in Egypt at the time. “Here is the way to measure the height of the pyramid,” he told them. “One of you must stand beside the pyramid in the mid-afternoon and watch your own shadow. When your shadow is the same length as the height of your body, then the length of the shadow of the pyramid will be the same height as the pyramid. Just measure the shadow”.

a. What was the problem which the Egyptians could not solve?
b. What was the objection against somebody climbing the pyramid and measuring height?
c. Who was Thales?
d. What advice did Thales give to the Egyptians about measuring the height of the pyramid?
e. Summarize the passage in 40 words.

Q.N.2. Add an appropriate relative clause to these sentences. (5*1=5)
a. At last they managed to repair the telephone, —————.
b. The teacher, ————–, turned round suddenly.
c. Phil, —————, kept his foot pressed hard down on the accelerator.
d. The dog, —————-, seemed unconcerned about the matter.
e. We were all very grateful to Richard, —————–.

Q.N.3. Re-write these sentences beginning ‘If there’s one thing ————. (5*1=5)
Example:- People who smoke in restaurants annoy me.
If there’s one thing that annoys me its people who smoke in restaurants.
a. People who are cruel to animals upset me.
b. People who break promises make me angry.
c. I hate people who smoke in restaurants.
d. I detest people who interrupt when I’m speaking
e. I loathe people who ring me up early in the morning.

Q.N.4. How would you describe these people? (5*1=5)
Example:- Gives away lots of money – generous
a. Believes whatever you tell him/her
b. Doesn’t boast
c. Doubts what you tell him/her
d. Has a high opinion of himself/herself
e. Worries about what people think

Q.N.5. Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with for, in, until or by. (5*1=5)
a. They talked on the telephone ————— 20 minutes.
b. We played golf on Sunday ————– dusk.
c. We did all our housework ————– couple of hours.
d. I borrowed my neighbour’s power drill ————– a few days.
e. We had to change the wheel ————— five minutes.

Q.N.6. Change the following sentences using ‘seem’. (5*1=5)
a. He never stops to chat with you if you’ve got your dog with you.
b. There are African masks on the wall of his sitting room.
c. The postman always delivers a lot of letters with foreign stamps to his house.
d. You only see his children during the school holidays.
e. He usually carries a walking stick when he goes out.

Q.N.7. Rewrite the following sentences as shown in the example adding the verb ‘spend’ or ‘take’. Answer them using the words in brackets. (5*1=5)
Example:- He mowed the lawn. (ten minutes)
It took him ten minutes to mow the lawn.
a. I read the whole of “War and Peace”. (two weeks)
b. She painted the bathroom ceiling. (six o’clock)
c. She did some piano practice. (bedtime)
d. She waited at the bus stop. (ages)
e. I wrote all my letters. (lunchtime)

Q.N.8. Stating suitable qualification and experiences, write a job application for the post of English Teacher addressing the Principal, K & K College, Kathmandu. (10)

Q.N.9. What advantages and disadvantages do think there are in using computer in education? (5)

Q.N.10. Choose one of these sentences below and develop it into paragraph in which you describe your reaction. (5)
I was really impressed by that film —— OR I found that TV documentary rather boring —————

Q.N.11. Write a “police description” of a person you know well. (5)

Q.N.12. A friend says “You were looking very angry when I saw you leaving college yesterday”. What had happened? Tell him / her. (5)

Q.N.13. Answer the following questions. (3*5=15)
a. What impression of grandmother does the speaker give in the poem ‘Grandmother?’
b. How did Alyohin define love? (About Love)
c. Why does the old man want to ‘spit into the face of time?’ (The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner)
d. Describe the relation between Thomas (the boy’s uncle) and his wife. (A Story)
e. Give a short account of the life of the people of Karnali. (Hurried Trip to Avoid a Bad Star)

Q.N.14. Answer any one of the following question. (10)
a. What is wrong in Nissani’s view, with a treeless Nepal? (Two Long-Term Problems)
b. Write an interpretation of “The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship.”

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