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SET III – Model Question Paper of Compulsory English Grade XII

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English HousesQuestion Bank | Model Question Paper
Set Three | Compulsory English
Grade XII | Syllabus Year: 2065+

Full marks: 100 | Pass marks: 40 Time: 3 hours

1. Read the following passage and answer the question below; [5*3=15]
I must have been very young at the time. While I don’t remember exactly how old was I, i do remember that when people saw me with my grandfather they would pat me on the head and give my cheek a pinch-thing they didn’t do to my grandfather.

The strange thing was that I never used to go out with my father, rather it was my grandfather who would take me with him wherever he went, except for the morning when I would go to mosque to learn the Koran while most of the children of my age grumbled at having to go to mosque to learn the Koran, I used to love it. The reason was, no doubt, that I was quick at learning by heart and the teacher always asked me to stand up and recite the chapter of the Merciful whenever we had visitors, who would pat me on my head. Directly after we finished our Koran reading in the morning, I would throw down my wooden slate and dart off, quick as a genie, to my mother, hurriedly swallow down my breakfast, and run off for a bath in the river.

Question Answer:

  1. How was the narrator treated by people when they saw him with his grandfather?
  2. What was the strange thing in the life of narrator?
  3. Why did the narrator enjoy going to the mosque?
  4. Whenever the mosque had visitors, what did the narrator’s teacher asked him to do?
  5. What did the narrator do after his morning lessons were over?

2. Write two sentences for each pair of events below, showing that the person did them in the right order. [6]
Example: Read the instructions/switch on the machine
i) He read the instruction before he switched on the machine.
ii) He didn’t switch on the machine until he’d read the instructions.
a) Measure the room / order the carpet
b) Signed the contract / read it.
c) Fastened her seat belt / drove off.

3. Write a description of yourself when you were seven years old. Mention briefly about your height, weight and build, and describe your face in detail. [8]

4. Change the sentences below using sure to, certain to, likely to and unlikely to……

  1. He probably won’t arrive.
  2. I expect there’ll be lots of people at the meeting.
  3. I’m sure a new chairman will be appointed soon.
  4. The prices of petrol will definitely go up within a few weeks.
  5. There may not be rainfall today.
  6. She probably will visit doctor.

5. Correct the following as in the example below; [5]
E.g: Teachers look after your teeth.
– It isn’t teachers who look after your teeth, it is dentists.

  1. The sun causes the tides.
  2. Bhimsen Thapa unified Nepal
  3. Sweden lies in the north of Nepal.

6. Change the voice of the following sentences using supposed to … [5]

  1. They say there’s a monster in Loch Ness.
  2. Apparently Marlilyn Monroe was an insomniac.
  3. They say the universe is expanding all the time.
  4. I am told that he was a lorry driver at one time.
  5. People say she was born on board a ship.

7. Rewrite these sentences beginning: “If there’s one thing….” [5]
I hate / dislike/ loathe / detest.

  1. People who are disrespectful to women.
  2. I detest people who speak while eating.
  3. I hate people who are never punctual.
  4. People who speak rudely make me angry.
  5. I loathe people who ring me up early in the morning.

8. Write a short paragraph (about 100 words) about your travel experiences. [10]

9. Answer any five questions. [5*6=30]

  1. How did Hansel and Gretel rescue themselves from the witch?
  2. How and why does the old pensioner lament?
  3. Explain the Old Man’s motive in murdering the boy in “Purgatory”.
  4. How do you think Mrs Mooney settled with MR Doran about Polly? Did MR Doran marry Polly or pay out compensation? (The Boarding House)
  5. Sum up Gretel’s character as narrated by Garrison Keillor.
  6. Give the character sketch of Anna Alexeyevna as presented in “About Love”.
  7. How is the women’s business similar to as well as different from ‘women’s business‘.

10. What are the dreams that Martin Luther King Jr. have [10]
Describe the growth of the narrator of “The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship” from an ordinary boy to an assertive young man.

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