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SET II (2067) – Model Question Paper of Biology Class 11

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BiologyQuestion Paper | Biology
SET II (2067) – Model Question Paper
Subject: Biology (Botany + Zoology)
For: Science Students Class: 11

1. Give very short answers of the followings (any seven) 1×7=7

1.1. Define coacervate.
1.2. Give the function of seminal vesicles of earth worm .
1.3. Define homologous organ with example .
1.4. Name the various forms of locomotory organ found in aquatic animals .
1.5. Name the excretory organ found in Platyhelminthes and Annelids.
1.6. Define Neo Darwinism.
1.7. Define ornithology.
1.8. What was archaeopteryx ?
1.9. What is the functions of akinetes?
1.10. What is reflex action ?

2. Give short answers of the followings (any five ) 3×5=15

2.1. List the Volant adaptational characters of birds.
2.2. Give the significance of archaeopteryx in the study of evolution .
2.3. Explain the relation of biology with other science .
2.4. How exconjugants are formed during conjugation of paramecium ?
2.5. Explain the histological structure of liver of frog .
2.6. “Cro-Magnon is immediate ancestor of modern man ” justify.
2.7. Explain the hepatic portal system found in frog .

3. Give an account of the structure of digestive tract of Pheretima. [7.5]
Describe the structure of heart of frog with necessary diagram

4. Write an Essay on Darwinism. [8]

1. Give very short answers of the followings (any seven) 1×7=7

1.1. Define the terms phycology and mycology.
1.2. Why yeast placed in fungi?
1.3. What is cell theory ?
1.4. Name two chemical components in the structure of virus.
1.5. In which food chain pyramid of number is inverted?
1.6. Name two economically important fungi.
1.7. State what spiklet inflorescence is.
1.8. Name four green house gasses .
1.9. Define the term coenocytic hypha.
1.10. What is acid rain ?

2. Give short answers of the followings (any five ) 3×5=15

2.1. Differentiate between mitotic and meiotic cell division.
2.2. Describe and structure and function of amino acids .
2.3. What is pesticides? What are the hazards caused by pesticides?
2.4. List the characteristics of gymnosperm .
2.5. Write briefly about the structure and function of nucleus .
2.6. Draw diagrammatic life cycle of Funaria . No description is needed .
2.7. Discuss the consequence of ozone layer depletion .

3. Give the distinguishing character of solanaceae with its floral formula and floral diagram. Write the scientific name of sunflower , radish, maize and gram[7.5]
Discuss the vegetative structure and life cycle of mushroom .

4. Define bio geo chemical cycle . Describe nitrogen cycle in nature [8]

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