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SET I (2067) – Model Question Paper of Biology Class 11

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BiologyQuestion Paper | Biology
SET I (2067) – Model Question Paper
Subject: Biology (Botany + Zoology)
For: Science Students Class: 11

1. Give very short answers of the followings (any seven) 1×7=7

1.1. Classify liver fluke.
1.2. What is adaptational feature of apes .
1.3. List the classes of the phylum Porifera.
1.4. What is sinus venosus ?
1.5. How is the biological science related to physics ?
1.6. What is natural selection ?
1.7. Differentiate between anadromous migration and catadromous migration in fishes .
1.8. Write about the premordial atmosphere of the earth .
1.9. Define homologous organ with example .
1.10. Give scientific name of any two endangered mammal.

2. Give short answers of the followings (any five ) 3×5=15

2.1. What is extinction ?what are the causes of extinction?
2.2. Draw well labeled diagram of alimentary canal of frog.
2.3. Describe in brief the female reproductory organ of female earth worm.
2.4. Discuss the gamogony phase of life cycle of plasmodium vivax.
2.5. Explain the biochemical origin of life.
2.6. Explain the asexual reproduction of paramecium .
2.7. Explain the renal portal system found in frog .

3. What is reproduction ?Describe male reproductive organ of frog
with well label diagram . [7.5]
Give an account of conjugation in Paramecium caudatum and discuss its significance.

4.Define evolution .Explain the evolution of man from the pre ape man . [8]

1. Give very short answers of the followings (any seven) 1×7=7

1.1. Differentiate between primary and secondary succession ?
1.2. Differentiate between primary and secondary succession.
1.3. Define binomial nomenclature .
1.4. What part of moss have diploid cells ?
1.5. Why are the blue green algae blue green in color ?
1.6. Define alternation of generation.
1.7. Define syngenesious stamen .
1.8. Name the chemical components of DNA.
1.9. Name the storage found in green and brown algae .
1.10. What do you mean by tetradynamous stamens ?

2. Give short answers of the followings (any five ) 3×5=15

2.1. Describe and structure and function of amino acids .
2.2. Discuss the changes that occur during metaphase of Mitosis.
2.3. Explain food chain with examples.
2.4. Explain about the structure and function of mitochondria .
2.5. Give beneficial aspects of Lichen.
2.6. What are the methods of forest conservation?
2.7. Draw a labelled diagram of mitotic anaphase and also mention its characteristic.

3. Give the distinguishing character of Solanaceae with its floral formula and floral diagram. Write the scientific name of sunflower , radish, maize and gram. [7.5]
Discuss the vegetative structure and life cycle of mushroom .

4. Define bio geo chemical cycle . Describe nitrogen cycle in nature [8]

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