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Review Writing of Film or Book – Solved Example

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Flim ReviewParagraph Writing
Film Review Example – Free Writing
For: English Students

Write a review of a film or a book that you have recently seen or read.
People watch film, read book for entertainment. I also like to see the films frequently. In the beginning I used to go to the cinema halls to see the films. Now I generally watch the film on TV channels or by using DVD player. Recently I saw a Hindi film called ‘Tiranga’ acted by Nana and Raj Kumar. The film is filled with the emotion of patriotism. They fought to save their country from terrorist. A villain called ‘Genda Swami’ kidnapped a well-known scientist of the country and forced him to make missile to destroy the country totally. But both the heroes failed his mission by plucking up the fudges of the missiles secretly. They killed the villain and the film finished. Dialogues of Nana are admirable. If you have time, you should see this film.

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