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Relation Between Helen and Michael – The Gardener | Magic of Words

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The GardnerLong Question
What is the real relation between Helen and Michael?
For: Class 11 | The Magic of Words | The Gardener
Subject: Compulsory English

Ans: The real relation between Helen and Michael can be described as close relatives. Helen Turrell says that her brother George Turrell had a relationship with the daughter of retired non-commissioned police officer. She also says that before George Terrell’s death, George gave birth to a child, later on George died falling from a horse.

According to Helen, she goes to French because of her lung problem and there she manages to bring the child from India. Her parents and brother are not alive to know the truth. She also says that Michael’s mother said nothing for child. At the graveyard the gardener, also she said Michael was her son. In fact, what she said to the villagers was false. She might have created this false story to keep the villagers silent. Otherwise, she would be condemned in the society. To tell the truth, she was unmarried. So she hid the real fact. In fact Helen and Michael were mother and son. She told all these lies so that she would not be condemned in the society.

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