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Prediction – Solution Examples | Meaning Into Words Grade XI

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PredictionReference Notes
Prediction – Complete Guide
For: Class 11 / English Grammar
Meanings Into Words

1. Adverbs and modals expressing probability
He will probably/certainly get on touch with us.
They may/ might/ could move to a bigger house.
She probably/ certainly won’t come back before midnight.

2. Others ways of expressing probability
I expect he’ll go aboard.
I shouldn’t think she’ll be promoted.
I doubt if he’ll get into trouble.

3. ‘If’ and ‘unless’+ Present Simple tense
The firm may make a profit if they attract new customers.
The firm certainly won’t make a profit unless they attract new customers.

4. ‘Will’ and ‘going to’
Those plants will die unless you water them.
Look at that plant – I think it’s going die.

5. ‘Will be doing’ and ‘will have done’
Next summer they’ll be living in Berlin.
By next summer they will have moved to Berlin.


1. Write prediction for the following conditions using.
(Certainly, probably, perhaps, probably not, certainly not.)

(a) rain tomorrow (75% chance)
(b) taxes be cut (20%)
(c) result coming today(100%)
(d) shop be open(50%)
(e) terrorist be caught (0%)


(a) It’ll probably rain tomorrow.
(b) The taxes may be cut.
(c) The result will certainly come today.
(d) The shop may be opened.
(e) The terrorist certainly won’t be caught.


1. Write prediction for the following conditions using
(Certainly, probably, perhaps, probably not, certainly not.)

(a) financial crisis (75% chance)
(b) salary increase (20%)
(c) constitution writing (100%)
(d) rain tomorrow (50%)
(e) criminal be caught (0%)

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