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Poultry Farming – Economic Importance | Biology Class 12

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Poultry FarmingZoology | Notes
Poultry Farming – Economic Importance
For: Science | Biology Class 12

Poultry includes several types of birds like chicken, ducks etc. and rearing of poultry for the commercial production of meat and egg is called poultry farming. In Nepal poultry industry primarily includes culture of chickens for meet, eggs and fertilizer. In the poultry industry fast growing verities are used and are raised in the well ventilated sheds. There should be proper arrangement of food and continuous supply of fresh water is necessary. Following types of sheds are necessary for poultry farming.

1. Breeder Shed
This shed is for the purpose of breeding and floor is covered with saw dust or rice’s straw. The eggs are laid and are frequently collected which are later transported to hatching shed. The food consumption is controlled to prevent the chicken from being over weight. At the end of their productive life the chickens are removed for processing and one replaced by new flocks.

2. Hatching Shed
After collecting of eggs they are washed with chlorate water and are incubated in machine which maintains correct temperature around 37◦C. The incubation is the period in which embryonic development takes place inside the eggs before they are hatched. It is of 21 days and the hatching is called as pullets. The pullets are transferred to another place within the shed for providing warm. This phenomenon is called as brooding which is done for a month.

3. Crower Shed
The healthy pullets having bright eyes and good weight are selected for forming. They are kept in clean and well diseases like chicken pox, Rain-khet, cholera. The pullets should be fed with enough artificial diet which includes maize, rice and wheat. Some portion of diet is composed of breads and cakes. After attaching good weight they are ready for marketing.

Economic Importance

  • It is a source of meat and eggs which provides protein and help in reducing malnutrition.
  • Poultry dropping are good manners as it is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • It offers an opportunity for self employment and income generation.
  • The soft feathers can be used for making sleeping bags, winter jackets, blankets, pillow etc.
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