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Paragraph Writing Practice – 33+ Topic Collection| English

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Paragraph Writing Practice – 33+ Topic
For: English Class 11

  1. Write in a paragraph what you like or dislike about travelling by bus.
  2. Make a list of five precautions people should take if they leave their house empty for a few days or if they go hill walking.
  3. Think of wedding present and describe it in a paragraph.
  4. Write a paragraph about what the coming winter will be like in your town/village.
  5. Imagine a lifestyle of a bus conductor or a farmer. Write a paragraph saying what s/he does and what happens to him/her. Say when or how often all these things happen.
  6. Write a paragraph about yourself showing that you are/are not either lazy or careful or fashionable.
  7. On your birthday, you receive a present from your uncle. Write a paragraph or two telling what is it, what it looks like, and what you can do with it.
  8. Tell in about 200 words a story that you like most.
  9. Take any three things or persons. Write about their appearance, their behaviour or habit, and their usefulness or merit.
  10. Write a paragraph telling what you did last Saturday. In another paragraph, what you plan to do next Saturday.
  11. Write an article in about 150 words about good and bad effect of the telephone.
  12. Write two paragraphs telling a supernatural experience that you have had.
  13. Write a paragraph describing the good and the bad effect of the telephone.
  14. Describe an interesting picture, photograph, or poster that you have at your home in ten sentences. (use simple present tense)
  15. Describe your daily routine. Write complete sentences
  16. Describe an incident when you were frightened. Say what happened and in what circumstances.
  17. Give arguments both in favour of and against eating out in a restaurant.
  18. Write an advertisement for promoting sales of a product that you produce in your industry.
  19. Write a few paragraphs describing you town or village and what visitors can do there.
  20. Write two paragraphs on why you believe in God and the other on why you don’t.
  21. You live in a busy city, and you have the choice of three different means of transport- a bus, a motorcycle and a bicycle. Write a paragraph comparing them, and decide which the best for travelling in the city is.
  22. Imagine you are a devoted football player and a serious student of science too. Write a paragraph describing. How you plan to balance your time and do equally well in both fields.
  23. Write a paragraph in about 150 words describing some electronic gadgets you are fond of using such as audio, cassette player, VCD or DVD or even internet. What is the pleasure you derive and what are three benefits you get out of these?
  24. Write a review for a newspaper of a recent film, or book which you have seen or read.
  25. Write a short article in about 150 words about the convenience the pocket calculator has provided you in course of your studies and daily life.
  26. Write an announcement for the science exhibition that your college is planning for the next month. Use information about the place, time, duration and three major attracting of the exhibition.
  27. Describe your classroom. Use as many sense organs as possible to do so.
  28. Write ten sentences making requests for permission. (would you mind if open the window)
  29. What directions on how to go from your school to Kathmandu or Ilam.
  30. Write in about 100 words a story that you like the most.
  31. Write in a paragraph what an English teacher or a bus- driver does
  32. Write in 100 words about following:
  33. a) Library b) Telephone c) The computer
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