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Paragraph Writing on “Beggars” | English

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BeggarFree Writing
Paragraph on “Beggars”
For: English Student

Write paragraph describing “Beggars”.
Beggars really annoy me. They occupy any place they like, especially crowd places. It not only hinders the beauty of the city but also destroys the fame of the city. Police personals have to chase them time and again. This scene really disturbs any rational being. I find beggars irritating. They cling to the people and beg as if they are recently born puppies. Sometime they disturb tourists by begging. They defame Nepalese people’s identity. Moreover they terrify me. Every theme I see them I try to be away from them. Many of the beggars are involved in criminal activities. Some of them get involved in murder activities also. People use them in petty interests like smuggling. I object to the way they show they show their wonder fresh everyday. If there is any thing that I can’t stand it is people who prefer to beg instead of earning their livelihood by working.

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