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Origin and Duration – Solution Examples | Meaning Into Words Grade XI

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Origin and Duration – Complete Guide
For: Class 11 / English Grammar
Meanings Into Words

1. ‘Origin’ structures

How long ago did you become a teacher?
I became a teacher a long time ago/in 1968
When did he start playing the guitar?
He started playing six months ago/in June.
How long ago did you buy your cooker?
We bought it a year ago/last year.

2. ‘Duration’ structures

How long have you been a teacher.
I’ve been a teacher for a long time/since 1968.
How long has he been playing guitar?
He’s been playing guitar for six months/since June.
How long have you had your cooker?
We’ve had it for a year/since last year.

3. ‘Since’ with clauses

He started playing the guitar when he got one for his birthday.
He’s been playing the guitar (ever) since he got one for his birthday.

4. Negative origin and duration

When did you last have a meal?
How long is it since you last had a meal?
I last had a meal two days ago.
It’s two days since I last had a meal.
I haven’t had a meal for two days/since Tuesday.

1. Write answers for the following questions using the words in brackets. Begin each
sentence with the word given.
Question: How long have been a student?
I’ve been a student ……… (twelve years)
Answer: I’ve been a student for twelve years.

(a) How long have you had bicycle?
I’ve had a bicycle …….. (six month)
(b) When did he learn to cook rice?
He learnt to cook rice ……. (two years)
(c) How long ago did you become a student?
I’ve become a student twelve years ago.
(d) How long have they been watching he?
They have been watching her ……….. (two o‘clock)
(e) When did Gautam’s brother leave his village.
Gautam’s brother left his village ……… (January)


(a) I’ve had a bicycle for six month.
(b) He learnt to cook rice for two years.
(c) I’ve been a student for twelve year.
(d) They have been watching her since two o‘clock.
(e) Gautam’s brother left his village in January.

2. Write answer for the following questions using the words in bracket. Begin each
answer with words given.
Question: When was your brother born?
My brother ……… (1992)
Answer: My brother was born in 1992.

(a) What time did she get up this morning? She got up………(seven o’clock)
(b) When did you first meet Ben? I first met Bin ……..(three weeks ago)
(c) When did you buy you shoes?
I bought my shoes ……….. (January)
(d) When was the bicycle invented?
The bicycle was invented………….. (the nineteenth century)
(e) When did the go to India?
They went……….. (the summer)


(a) She got up at seven o’clock this morning.
(b) I first met Ben three weeks ago.
(c) I bought my shoes in January.
(d) The bicycle was invented in the nineteenth century.
(e) They went to India in this summer.


1. Write conversation using the points or periods of time given.
(a) know your sister.(September)
A: How long have you known her?
B: I have known her since September.
C: (to A) When did you meet her?
A: He met her in September.

(b) I am engaged now, you know.(July)
(c) I am writing a novel. (a few weeks)

2. Write a sentence each saying how often Marks does different things:

(a) Have bath (morning, evening)
(b) Visit parents (Sunday)
(c) Change job (1996, 1998, 2000, and 2002)
(d) Have hair cut (1march, 15 March, 1 April)

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