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Old Question Paper of Biology 2069 (2012) | Science Grade XI

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BiologyBiology | Question Paper
Old Question Paper of Biology
Year: 2069 (2012) | Class : 11
Subject Code: 114 ‘D’

For : Science Students
Biology (Botany + Zoology)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Full Marks:- 100 | Pass Marks :- 35 | Time:- 3 hrs.

Attempt all the questions. [7×1=7]
1. Answer in short on any seven.
(a) What is the message of Steward’s experiment?
(b) What do you mean by RER and SER ?
(c) Define suicidal bag.
(d) What does it mean by taxonomy?
(e) Write the name of bacteria on the basis of its shape.
(f) Define the function of leaf.
(g) Mention about sori.
(h) How do you mean autoecology ?
(i) State about predation.
(j) Elaborate climax community.

2. Describe in brief on any five. [5×3=15]
(a) Differentitate between DNA and RNA.
(b) Structure and functions of plastid.
(c) The process of meiosis I.
(d) Structure of Spirogyra.
(e) Importance of N2 cycle in nature.
(f) Consequences of deforestation.
(g) Distribution of Pinus and its importance.

3. Describe the structure and lifecycle of Marchantia in detail. [7.5]
Describe the family solaneceae with necessary diagrams and give two examples of economic value of this family.
4. Define succession and describe the process of succession in detail. [8]

Group ‘B’

Attempt all the questions. [7×1=7]
1. Answer in short on any seven.
(a) Define the term Herpetology,
(b) Give a reason to show the relation of zoology with chemistry.
(c) What is recapulation theory?
(d) What do you know about primordial soup?
(e) Write the scientific name of a vertebrate having long, flexible neck and webbed toes.
(f) Name the excretory organs of flatworms.
(g) When do female anopheles mosquitos become infectious?
(h) What is smog?
(i) What do you mean by arboreal adaptation?
(j) Define Buffer zone.

2. Describe in brief on any five. [5×3=15]
(a) Miller-Urey Experiment.
(b) Give any six important characters of Phylum Mollusca.
(c) Draw a neatly labelled diagram of T.S. of ileum of frog.(No description required)
(d) The process of cocoon formation in Pheretima.
(e) Erythrocytic schizogony of Plasmodium.
(f) The effects of air pollution.
(g) The causes of extinction of wildlife.

3. Give an account of the structure of heart of Frog. [7.5]
Describe the nephridial system of Pheretima.
4. Discuss the modern synthetic theory of evolution. [8]

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