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Old Question Paper 2073 (2016) – Compulsory English Grade XI

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english-cityQuestion Paper | English
Old Question Paper of Compulsory English
For: Grade XI | Year : 2073 B.S. (2016)
Subject Code: 002’C’ / For Regular Student

Time: 3 Hrs | Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 35
Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all questions.
1. a) Put the following words in alphabetical order: [3]
partial, Parthian, partisan, partner, partake, particular

b) In which quarter of the dictionary, will you find the following words. [2]
Den, low, wit, misery

2. a) Rewrite these sentences choosing the correct word from the pair given in brackets. [3]
i) The ………… of medicine on the patient remained for a long time. (affect, effect)
ii) Ram didn’t ………….. his friends to join outing with the other college students. (advice, advise)
iii) We………………………. him over our view (own, won).

b) Put the following words into the correct order to make suitable sentences. [2]
i) never/late/than/better/proverb/the/says.
ii) we/enough/food/have/to/three/months/last/year

3. Imagine about a beautiful place of your district and write what visitors can get there. [5]
4. Answer any two of the following questions. [2 X 10 = 20]

  1. Summaries the story “Fear”. Was there real fear or it was just an imagination of Armando Gonzalez? Explain. (Fear)
  2. The author ‘Barbara Holland’ seems worried about losing her peace, privacy and loneliness rather than the financial burden plural children may bring in the family. Explain. (Speaking of Children….)
  3. What message does the author give us in the essay ‘Six Million Dollar Man’? How does he come to the conclusion that the value of human being is six million dollar, first, then human being’s value is infinite? (Six Million Dollar Man)

5. Answer any three of the following questions [3 X 5 = 15]

  1. How does Janet help her friend Kim when she was troubled by the ghost in her dream? (Recurring Dream)
  2. What were the different events that took place that year, 1939? (Look at a Teacup)
  3. What does the author mean when he says the suburbs were born with the auto, lived with the auto, and are dying with the auto? (The Nightmare Life Without Fuel)
  4. What wrong concepts do people have about migraine headache? How does Didion want to correct concept? (In Bed)

6. Read the following passage and answer the question that follow. [5 X 2 = 10]

Once there lived three artists in a famous city. They were famous for their art. They were known to everyone. They claimed that they were perfectly skilled. Each praised oneself claiming he was the best artist among them. One day they decided to have a fair competition to find out who was the best. There was a good prize for the winner. A judge was also appointed to decide to decide the case. The competition started on time. One artist painted flowers, the second painted a fruit and the third painted a curtain. The judge observed and evaluated them deeply. First, he observed the flower on which the bee was sitting .Then he observed the fruit which an ox tried to eat. Both the pictures were very natural. He praised them. Then he observed the curtain. It was so natural that he tried to open it to enter the room. The flower was able to deceive the intellectual man like him. The judge realized that the picture of the curtain was most natural among them. That is why it was declared the first. Thus the third artist was able to get the prize.


a) What were the artists famous for?
b) Why did they decide to have a fair competition?
c) What did each artists paint?
d) How was the third picture different from the rest?
e) Why was the third picture declared the first in the competition?

7. Answer any two of the following questions in about 200 words: [2 X 10 = 20]

  1. Write a job application for the post of a teaching assistant that has fallen vacant in your college. State your age, qualifications, experiences, and trainings. Write XYZ in place of address and name.
  2. Write an essay on ‘Nepal: A Safe Destination Place of Tourism’.
  3. Write an article for a daily newspaper on ‘Social Service: An Ultimate Goal of Every Youth’.

8. Add a decision to these remarks, as in the example. [5]
Example: I am getting much too thin …..
– I think I will take more nutritious food.

a) I am not satisfied with this job ……
b) She seems very friendly …………
c) I am a bit hungry today ……..
d) I really must try and get rid of this cold …………
e) I hope my parents are not worried about me ………….

9. Explain what the newspaper article mean. [5]

a) Express derailed at 90 mph.
b) Tara Aeroplane crashed over Myagdi.
d) Tomatoes thrown at the Minister during speech.
e) Man with bomb arrested at the bus park.

10. Using ought to/you had better/you should/advise him/her what he/she should do.

a) I don’t seem to be able to lose my weight.
b) I have had pain for the last two hours.
c) I can’t get to sleep.
d) I can’t open this lid.
e) I have lost my cheque book.

11. Change the sentences below using ‘even though’. Avoid ‘but’ and ‘still’ as in the example.
Example: He was 87 years old, but he still lived a very active life.
– Even though he was an old man, he lived a very active life.

a) Her parents objected, but she still insisted on getting married.
b) He did well in the exam, but he still scored poor marks.
c) Modern electronic devices are expensive, but lots of people are buying them.
d) Government is importing a lot of fuel, but people are not getting it easily.
e) Most of the householders are getting financial support, but they are not constructing their houses.

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