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Old Question Paper 2072 (2015) – Biology Grade XI

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Old Question Paper of Biology (Zoology + Botany)
Year: 2072 (2015) | Subject Code: 114 ‘C’
For: Science Class 11

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practivable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Time: 3 Hrs | Full Marks: 75 | Pass Marks: 27

Note: This question paper contains Zoology portion in Group “A” and Botany portion in Group “B”. So use separate answer sheets for Group “A” and Group “B”. First use answer sheet for Group “A”.

Group “A” – Zoology
Attempt All Questions. – 1. Answer in short any seven. [7 X 1 = 7]

a. Give the meaning of Cytology and Histology.
b. Who propounded the Special Creation Theory?
c. Mention the functions of contractile vacuole in paramecium.
d. At what time copulatory pads are developed and for what?
e. What do you mean by pollutant?
f. Where the Reflex arc is formed?
g. How is primarily aquatic adaptation different from secondarily aquatic adaptation?
h. State Biogenetic law.
i. What are the life processes?
j. In which category do you put Spiny Babbler?

2. Answer in brief on any five: [5 X 3 = 15]

a. Differentiate between cartilaginous and bony fish.
b. Discuss Gamogony in plasmodium.
c. Write short note on economic importance of earthworm.
d. Describe one experiment in favour of Abiogenesis.
e. Give the significance of wild life.
f. Discuss the working mechanism of Heart in Frog.
g. Why do birds migrate?

3. Describe the process of conjugation in paramecium with diagram. [7.5]
Describe the pulmonary respiration and mechanism of breathing in Frog.
4. Describe the Theory of Natural Selection with its draw backs. [8]

Group “B” – Attempt All questions.
1. Answer in short on any seven: [7 X 1 = 7]

a. Define true nucleus.
b. What is the function of golgi body?
c. Give the meaning of amitosis.
d. What do you mean by algae?
e. Write the two names of bacteria on the basis of its shape.
f. What is rhizome?
g. What does it mean by sporophytic generation?
h. Define homeostatis.
i. Point out about parasitism.
j. Mention about green house effect.

2. Describe in brief on any five: [5 X 3 = 15]

a. Biological role of water.
b. Structure and function of endoplasmic reticulum.
c. Significances of mitosis.
d. Structure of Nostoc and its importance.
e. Structure of Pinus.
f. Concept of mountain-ecosystem.
g. Importance of afforestation.

3. Define alternation of generation and describe it in the reference of Moss with necessary diagram. [7.5]
Describe the family solanaceae in semitechnical terms with distinguishing characters, floral diagram and floral formula with two examples of the economic importance.
4. Define ecosystem, describe in detail abut grassland ecosystem with suitable examples.

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