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Old Question Paper 2071 – Compulsory English Class 12

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 EnglishOld Question Paper of Compulsory English – Old is Gold
Year: 2071 (2014) | Subject Code: 004 ‘D’
For: Science, Management Grade XII

Candidates are required to give their answer in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Time: 3 hrs | Full Marks: 100 | Pass Marks: 35

Attempt all the questions.
1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below. [5 X 3 = 15]

A biology teacher was teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. He told the students that in the next couple of hours, the butterfly would struggle to come out of the cocoon. But no one should help the butterfly. The he left.

The students were waiting and it happened. The butterfly struggled to get out of the cocoon and against the advice of the teacher, one of the students took pity on it and decided to help the butterfly out of the cocoon. He broke the cocoon to help the butterfly so it didn’t have to struggle anymore. But shortly afterwards, butterfly died.

When the teacher returned, he was told what had happened. He explained to the student that it is law of nature that the struggle to come out of the cocoon actually helps develop and strengthen the butterfly’s wings. By helping the butterfly, the boy had deprived the butterfly of its struggle and the butterfly died.

a) What was the biology teacher teaching to his students?
b) What did the teacher tell the class before leaving?
c) What happened after one of the students disobeys the teacher’s advice?
d) What was the cause of butterfly death?
e) What lesson do you learn from this story?

2. Change the following sentences using supposed to [5]

a) I’m told garlic stops you catching cold.
b) People say the universe is collapsing by 2015.
c) Apparently Kathmandu is slowly getting over populated.
d) People say she was born in flying plane.
e) People say the students waste their golden time just kidding.

3. Change the following sentences using when instead of and or but. [5]

Example: She went to the kitchen and started cooking.
When she went to the kitchen, she started cooking.
a) I looked in the kitchen and found some fried eggs.
b) She drank the coffee and asked for another cup.
c) He put his foot on the brake but nothing happened.
d) I read his autography and discovered his as a man of multiple intelligent.
e) He kicked the ball to the post but it got punctured.

4. Express your whish or regret as appropriate. [5]

a) Write a wish for the following sentences:
i. You’re suffering from swine flu.
ii. You have lost the way.
b) Express regret for the following:
i. You are jobless now.
ii. She is angry with you.
iii. You missed the class.

5. Fill in the gaps in the sentences below with for, in, until and by: [5]

a) The studied in the college ………………….. the break time.
b) I studied English …………………… sixteen years.
c) The translator worked in USAID project ……………… ten years.
d) My father will be in Norway …………….. 2015.
e) We did our project assignment ……………….. six hours.

6. Change the suggestion between using ought to, ought not to, might, as well as there’s no point. [5]

Example: Let’s not take the lift – he only lives in the first floor.
There’s no point in taking lift.
a) Let’s not sell it – it’s not worth any way.
b) Don’t ask him – he doesn’t speak English.
c) Why don’t you take a hot soup – it might turn cold.
d) Let’s not argue about it – that won’t solve the problem.
e) Let’s not use the mobile now – the examination is going on.

7. Rewrite the following sentence using If there’s on thing ………. [5]

Eg. I dislike, hate, detest:
a) People who are cruel to pets are hateful.
b) People who break promises make me angry.
c) Alisha has forgotten to feed the cat again.
d) I loathe people who ring me early in the morning.
e) I hate people who speak while eating.

8. Rewrite the following sentences using must, can’t or may/might: [5]

a) I’m sure she will achieve the first position.
b) Obviously, Nepal won the final match.
c) May be he is sociable.
d) Many students are flying abroad.
e) He actively teaches well.

9. Imagine that your friend Cheung Tan from Thailand is coming to visit Nepal soon. Write a letter to her explaining about The Lord Buddha and holy place Lumbini (in above 200 words). [10]
10. Write a magazine article describing about practical education as the real education in an individuals’ life. [5]
11. Imagine that you have just visited your countryside after 10 years. Explain your feeling about the changes you found focusing on the climate change. [10]
12. Answer any five of the following: [5 X 3 = 15]

a) What are the reasons to determine the god as powerful? Illustrate. (Grandeur)
b) How is Mrs. Moony succeed in her mission at the end? Explain. (The Boarding House)
c) Why was Martin Luther King’s speech so popular? Explain. (I Have a Dream)
d) How were the handicapped, black and weak children viewed in the past? (The Children Who Wait)
e) Why is Lydia Pinkham most notable character in the essay? Explain. (Women’s Business)
f) What are the consequences made by over population? Suggest some of the solutions of it. (Two Long term Problem)

13. Answer any one of the following: [10]

a) Why does the narrator kill the old man? Would you call the narrator mad? Provide appropriate reasons to your answer. (The Tell-Tale heart)
b) Why did the old man kill his own son and his father? Explain how this drama is connected with religious belief. (Purgatory)

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