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Old Question Paper 2067 – Biology | Science Class 11

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Frog ZoologyOld is Gold | Biology
Old Question Paper of Biology
For: Science (Zoology + Botany)
Grade: XI | Year: 2067 (2010)
Subject Code: 114 ‘D’

Time:- 3 hrs. Full Marks:- 75 | Pass Mark: 27
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group ‘A’ – Zoology
Attempt all the questions.

1. Answer in very short (any seven): 7×1=7
a) Write two peculiar characters of class Aves.
b) Give classification of Earthworm.
c) What are homologous organs?
d) The opening of pulmonary veins are devoid of valves. Why?
e) Define Physiology.
f) Mention the functions of Trichocyst in Paramecium.
g) Which human ancestor invented fire?
h) Who coined the term Biology?
i) What do you understand by wild life?
j) What is the gist of Lamarckism?

2. Describe in short (any five): 5×3=15
a) The general characters of class Mammalia.
b) Earthworms are friends of farmers. Justify.
c) Draw well labeled diagram of Arterial system of frog (no description req.)
d) Write short note on taxis.
e) The control of depletion of wild life in Nepal.
f) The benefits of animal migaration.

3. Describe the reproductive system of Frog with suitable digram. 7.5
Describe the structure and function of septal nephridia Earthworm.
4. Discuss the Neo Darwinism along with the drawbacks of theory of Natural Selection. 8

Group ‘B’ – Botany
Attempt all questions:

1. Answer any seven questions in short: 7×1=7
a. Define cellular totiopotency.
b. What is plasmodesmata?
c. Write the function of plasma membrane.
d. What do you mean by heterocyst?
e. Why lichen is called a dual organism?
f. What is zygosore?
g. Give one examples of each of the following:

i) Vascular seedless plant
ii) Vascular seeded plant

h. What is charismata?
i. Write the meaning of sporophyll with its types.
j. Define a perianth.

2. Describe any five questions in brief: 5×3=15
a. Define protein and highlight its role as an important biomolecule.
b. Describe the process of amitosis and mention its significance.
c. Describe the structure and function of chloroplast.
d. Describe the structure of fern prothallus.
e. Describe the structure of megasporophyll of cycas.
f. What are the physical constraints of a mountain ecosystem?
g. Justify with appropriate reasons that viruses are living beings.

3. Describe the distinguishing characteristics of family Solanaceae with floral diagram and floral formula. Give scientific names of any two plants of this family. 7.5
Explain the alternation of generations based on the life cycle of Funaria.
4. Define ecosystem and describe food chain, trophic level and ecological pyramids of a grassland ecosystem. 8

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