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Old Question Paper 2064 – Biology Class 11 | Old is Gold

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flower botanyOld is Gold | Biology
Old Question Paper of Biology
For: Science (Zoology + Botany)
Grade: XI | Year: 2064 (2007)

Time:- 3 hrs. Full Marks:- 75 | Pass Mark: 27
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. Answer the following questions in short: 7×1=7
a) Define phycology.
b) What is food chain?
c) How is protein formed?
d) Define cytology.
e) Give two acquired characters with examples.
f) Why green algae is called producer?
g) Give two characters of Sporozoa.

2. Answer in brief: 8×1=8
a) Why celloluse cannot be digested by carnivores?
b) Define ecological Pyramid.
c) Write the function of trichocyst.
d) Why Bryophytes are called amphibious plants?
e) Mention two differences between plants and animal cell.
f) What is the botanical name of Pinus?
g) Give the source of energy in Miller-Urey experiment.
h) What is cyclosis?

3. Describe in short: 10 × 3 = 30
a) Describe the structure and functions of plastids.
b) Explain the chemical evolution of life.
c) Discuss the role of variation in organic evolution.
d) State the feeding mechanism in Paramecium.
e) Discuss the merits of 5 kingdom system of classification over 2 kingdom system.
f) Explain the carbon cycle in nature.
g) Write the control measures of air pollution.
h) Discuss the agricultural economic importance of Bacteria.
i) What is Neo-Darwinism? Discuss.
j) What is gametogenesis? How oogenesis differs from spermatogenesis?

4. Describe the life cycle of Plasmodium in mosquito. 7
5. Write down the structure and reproduction of Spirogyra. 7
6. Discuss the process of respiration in Frog. 8
Give an account of reproductive organs of earthworm.
7. Define conservation. What are the conservation strategies for the wild life resources? 8
Give the distinguishing features of Solanceae family with floral diagram and floral formula. Also write the scientific name of two plants of economic of this family.

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