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Old Question Paper 2063 – Biology Class 11 | Old is Gold

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Flower Plant - BiologyOld is Gold | Biology
Old Question Paper of Biology
For: Science (Zoology + Botany)
Grade: XI | Year: 2063 (2006)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time:- 3 hrs. Full Marks:- 75 | Pass Mark: 27

Attempt all the questions.
1. Answer the following questions in short: [7×1=7]

a) What is natural resource?
b) Why lysosome is called suicidal bag?
c) What is prokaryotic cell?
d) Which one is closely related to man, apes or monkeys?
e) What is taxonomic category?
f) Why Paramecium never gets old?
g) Why ferns are called vascular cryptogams?

2. Answer in brief: [8×1=8]

a) What is food wave?
b) What is ovum?
c) Differentiate between ray and disc florets.
d) Give the chief components of RNA.
e) What is cutaneous respiration?
f) Mention the functions of cell wall.
g) Write two points of the demerits of 2 kingdom system of classification.
h) In what medium proteolytic enzymes work?

3. Describe in short: [10 × 3 = 30]

a) Discuss the Oparin Haldane theory of origin of life.
b) Explain the process of mitosis. (Diagrammatic only)
c) Describe the structure and functions of mitochondria.
d) Explain the meaning of diversity in the context of the causes of evolution.
e) Mention the importance of yeast.
f) Give the characters and classification of Protozoa.
g) Describe the asexual reproductive process of Mucor.
h) Explain the digestion in earthworm.
i) Define ecosystem and mention the main components of ecosystem.
j) What is deforestation? Discuss the causes of deforestation.

4. Discuss with example show Lamarckism explains the theory of organic evolution.
5. What is alternation of generation? Describe life cycle of Funaria. [7]
6. Elaborate the life cycle of Plasmodium in man. [8]
Describe the structure and working mechanism in the heart of frog.
7. Discuss the grass land ecosystem. [8]
Give the distinct features of cruciferae in semi-technical terms giving its floral diagram, formula and two examples of plants (scientific name) of economic importance.

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