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Old Question Paper 2061 – Biology Class 11 | Science

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ParameciumOld is Gold | Biology
Old Question Paper of Biology
For: Science (Zoology + Botany)
Grade: XI | Year: 2061 (2004)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time:- 3 hrs. | Full Marks:- 75 | Pass Mark: 27

Attempt all the questions.
1. Answer the following questions in short: [7×1=7]

a) Give two examples of micromutrients.
b) What are cristae?
c) Give two examples of vestigial organs.
d) Name the full form of ATP and ADP.
e) Mention the function of lipid.
f) Differentiate between spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
g) What is organic evolution?

2. Answer in brief: [4×2=8]

a) Write the important features of Archaeopteyx.
b) Define heterocyst.
c) Write the chief components of DNA.
d) Give two examples of polysaccharides.
e) Name the types of anther found in family cruciferae and compositae.
f) What do you mean by nictitating membrane?
g) Give two main reasons causing air pollution.
h) Write the functions of cell wall.

3. Describe in short: [10 × 3 = 30]

a) Define the term genus and species with suitable example.
b) Write the structural types and economic importance of bacteria.
c) Draw a well-labeled diagram of Paramecium.
d) Give a brief account of exo-erythrocytic cycle in Plasmodium.
e) Describe in brief the female gametophyte in Marchantia.
f) Write short noted on Neanderthal man.
g) Differentiate between meiotic and mitotic metaphase.
h) Explain Darwin’s theory of natural selection.
i) Give the important characters of class mammalia.
j) Describe adaptive features of bird and Wall lizard.

4. What are the major causes of forest and wildlife depletion? Describe its methods of conservation. [7]
5. Describe the diagrammatic life cycle of Funaria. [7]
6. Describe the reproductive organ of earthworm. [8]
Describe the mechanism of pulmonary respiration in frog.
7. Define ecosystem. Describe abiotic factors in a terrestrial ecosystem. Mention the flow of energy in the trophic level. [8]
Describe the family compositae with necessary diagram and give two examples of economic value of the same family.

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