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Old Question Paper 2060 – Biology Class 11 | Science

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FrogOld is Gold | Biology
Old Question Paper of Biology
For: Science (Zoology + Botany)
Grade: XI | Year: 2060 (2003)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Time:- 3 hrs. Full Marks:- 75 | Pass Marks:- 27

Attempt all the questions.
1. Answer the following questions in short: [7×1=7]

a) What is cholesterol?
b) Give two characters of prokaryotic cell.
c) Why is mitochondria called power house of a cell?
d) What are ecotypes?
e) Define food web.
f) Write the function of “akinete” in Spirogyra.
g) What is typlosole?

2. Answer in brief: [8×1=8]

a) Define the terms of Mycology and Anthropology.
b) Define Cell theory.
c) Why cellulose cannot be digested by human being?
d) What are decomposers?
e) Give two examples of endangered species.
f) Role of hormones in birds migration.
g) Classify mustard plant in hierarchic system of classification.
h) Give the scientific names of Wall lizard and Tapeworm.

3. Describe in short: [10 × 3 = 30]

a) What are amino acids? Describe their types and functions.
b) Discuss the changes that occur during Anaphase of Mitosis.
c) Explain how zygotes are formed in angiosperm.
d) Trace the evolution of modern man from Peking man.
e) Discuss the consequences of acid rain.
f) Describe the sporophyte of Marchantia.
g) Give the sketch of the life cycle of yeast.
h) Discuss the advantages of 5-kingdom classification over 2-kingdom classification.
i) Write sporogony in the life cycle of Plasmodium.
j) How cocoon is formed in earthworm? Discuss.

4. Explain Darwin’s theory of Evolution by natural selection with examples. [7]
5. What is deforestation? Discuss the causes and consequences of deforestation. [1+3+3=7]
6. Describe the sexual reproduction in Paramecium with its significance. [6+2=8]
Describe the internal structure of heart and its working mechanism in frog.
7. Give the distinguishing features of generation? Discuss the phenomenon in the cycle of “Funaria”. [8]

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