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Send Up Question Paper 2014 – Biology Grade XII | St. Xavier’s College

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BiologyOld Question Paper | Send Up
Subject: Biology Class 12
St. Xavier’s College – Maitighar, Kathmandu
Send up Examination – 2014

Full Marks: 75 | Pass Marks: 30 | Time: 3 Hrs
Use separate answer sheets for group A (Botany) and Group B (Zoology).

Group A (Botany)

1. Answer in very short (any seven): [7 X 1 = 7]

a. What is dendrochronology?
b. Where is auxin synthesized?
c. What is the function of hydathode?
d. Under what condition the phenotypic ratio is 1:4:6:4:1?
e. What is regulator gene?
f. What is suspensor?
g. Define gottee.
h. Give two important characters of anemophilious plants.
i. What do you mean by genetic engineering?
j. What is hybridization?

2. Answer in short (any five). [5 X 3 = 15]

a. Differentiate xylem from phloem tissue.
b. Describe the anaerobic respiration.
c. Describe the structure of DNA.
d. Describe different types of mutation.
e. Describe the characteristics of genetic code.
f. Discuss the process of double fertilization with necessary figure.
g. Discuss green manure and its application in agriculture.

3. What do you mean by linkage? Describe its type with examples. [8]
4. Describe the anatomy of monocot stem and point out its difference with dicot stem. [7.5]
Describe light reaction of photosynthesis.

Group B (Zoology)

1. Answer in very short (any seven): [7 X 1 = 7]

a. Name the secretions of mast cells.
b. What type of cleavage is found in Frog?
c. Name any two disorders that are caused due to obesity.
d. Name any two proteolytic enzymes.
e. Mention the location and function of uvula in human.
f. Write the major symptoms of cretinism.
g. What are the possible blood groups in offspring if father has blood group A and mother has blood group B?
h. What do you mean by second generation vaccines?
i. Name any two American breeds of chickens which are important for eggs in Nepal.
j. What is the surrogate mother?

2. Answer in short (any five): [5 X 3 = 15]

a. Describe the structure of stratified epithelium.
b. Explain the gastrulation in Frog.
c. Describe the structure of human Lungs.
d. Describe the structure and functions of Retina of human.
e. What is population? What are the reasons of population explosion?
f. Write in short about the organ transplantation.
g. Describe in brief about the fish farming.

3. Describe the physiology of nerve impulse transmission along the nerve fibres. [7.5]
4. Explain the mechanism of urine formation in human. [8]
What is meant by cancer? Discuss the cause and treatment of cancer.


Disclaimer: This question paper is collected from students studying at St.Xavier and published after exam.

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