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Ogive Curves – Determination of Median | Graphs of Frequency Distribution

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Unit: Statistics | Economics
Determination of Median by Ogive Curves
Graphs of Frequency Distribution
Management: Class 11

Determination of Median by Ogive Curves
If we join the joint of intersection of “more than” and “less than” ogive curves in a graph, the point corresponding on the x-axis gives the value of the median (Median is discussed in detail under “Measure of Central Tendency”).

The median of the above data can be calculated as:

Price of share (Rs.)No. of sharesLess than frequencyMore than frequency
50 – 10015Less than 10015More than 5093
100 – 15020Less than 15035More than 10078
150 – 20022Less than 20057More than 15058
200 – 25021Less than 25078More than 20036
250 – 30010Less than 30088More than 25015
300 – 3505Less than 35093More than 3005

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