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Obstacles of Hydro-Electricity Development In Nepal

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Obstacles of Hydro-Electricity Development In Nepal
For: Management | Economics Class 11

Water resource is the most important natural resource of Nepal. Although Nepal Government has introduced a number of plans, policies and programme for the development of water resources. It has not achieved the desire goal yet. There are some problems that handicapped the development of water resource in Nepal. The major problems are as follows:

1. Lack of capital:
For the development of water resource in Nepal, a large amount of capital is necessary. Being a poor country Nepal is not able to invest such a large amount in the development of water resource.

2. Lack of skilled manpower:
The development of water resource needs skill manpower and technicians but there is lack of technicians. Therefore, Nepal is compelled to hire expensive technicians from abroad to operate the project of hydroelectricity, irrigation, and even for drinking water.

3. Problems of transportation:
Due to the geographical structure of Nepal, it is very difficult to construct hydroelectricity project. Most of the hydroelectricity projects lie in hilly region. But construction of road is difficult as well as costly because of this situation, essential materials can’t be delivered n time. At proper place to construct these projects.

4. Political Instability:
There is frequent change of government whenever government changes, there has also change in policies. There is lack of proper coordination between political parties which delay to launch the project effectively.

5. Lack of people’s participation:
Without people’s participation in the construction of projects, it is difficult to launch and implement such projects. Government should adopt a policy of encouraging public participation on such projects which help in successful implementation, repair & maintenance.

6. Shortage of modern technology:
Development of water resources needs modern technology. Use of machines, tools and equipments needs sufficient capital, efficient human resources etc. which are still lacking in Nepal.
Besides these, there is the problem of effective government policy, in adequate market, fall in water fall etc.

Q. What do you mean by Natural resources?
Ans] Natural resources are free gifts of Nature to the Human beings. The natural resources fulfill the certain basic needs of human life. The natural resources can be classified as:

a) Renewable natural resources: Resources that can be regenerated after they are used are called renewable natural resources. Example: winds, water, air, etc.
b) Non-Renewable Natural resources: Resources that cannot be regenerated after they are used are called non-renewable natural resources. Example gas, petrol, etc.

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