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Object/Clause – Solution Examples | Meaning Into Words Grade XI

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Object/Clause – Complete Guide
For: Class 11 / English Grammar
Meanings Into Words

1. Compound noun phrases
A sports car a racing car a lawn mower
An alarm clock a sewing machine a screwdriver
Nail varnish writing paper flying killer

2. Structures for indicating
My coat is the one with/that has a silk lining.
His skis are the ones with/that have silver strip.
He has got a watch with a luminous dial.
I’ve got one with a square face.

3. Subject and object defining relative clauses
He’s got a gun that fires 20 rounds a second.
I’m looking for a pen that will write on glass.
I want a dish (that) you can put in a hot oven.
A carving knife is a knife (that) you can carve meat with.

4. ‘Use for …… – ing….’
A typewriter is a machine (you use) for typing letters.
What do you call that white stuff (you use ) for washing clothes?
Glue is used for sticking things together.


1. Change the following sentence as in the example:
Example: Fred drives buses.
He’s a bus driver.

(a) Janet mends watches.
(b) Ann sells books.
(c) Mandy takes photographs.
(d) Richard and Liz act in a films.
(e) Angela reads the news on television.


a) She’s a watch mender.
b) She’s a bookseller.
c) She’s a photographer.
d) He is an actor and she is an actress.
e) She’s a T.V. news reader.

2. Join the pairs of sentences below, using a subject or object relative clause.

(a) They’ve got a T.V. You can plug it into your car battery.
(b) He’s got some running shoes. They only weigh a few ounces.
(c) You can leave this kind of garden chair out in the rain. I prefer them.
(d) Some sun creams keep out all the sun’s rays. They stop you getting brown.
(e) I’ve just bought some sheets. You never need to iron them.
(f) My son likes model airplanes. You make them yourself.
(g) Some clothes run. They have to be washed separately.
(h) You can park some cars in a very small space. I want one.


(a) They’ve got a T.V. which you can plug it into your car battery.
(b) He’s got some running shoes which only weigh a few ounces.
(c) I prefer garden chair which you can leave out in the rain.
(d) The sun creams which keep out all the sun’s rays stop you getting brown.
(e) I’ve just bought some sheets which you never need to iron.
(f) My son likes model airplanes which you make them yourself.
(g) The clothes that run have to be washed separately.
(h) I want the cars which you can park some in a very small space.


1. Combine the following sentences using the relative clause:

(a) I need a pair of boots. I want to wear them for the hill- walking.
(b) I want to buy a shirt. And I don’t want to have iron it.
(c) I’d like to buy a watch. It must give the day and date.
(d) I am looking for a car. It mustn’t cost too much.
(e) Have you got a camera? I want to be able to carry it in my pocket.

2. Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. So that they mean the same.
Example: Perhaps I won’t have any breakfast today. (thank)
I don’t think I’ll have any breakfast today.

(a) They heard the news while that were having lunch.(when)
(b) I love people admiring my clothes. (having)
(c) The college runs examination every four months. (year)
(d) You can get up whenever you like. (any time)
(e) You can get up whenever you like. (any time)

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