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Essay on “Movies and Human Society” – English | Free Writing

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Movies and HumanFree Writing -English
Essay on “Movies and Human Society”
For: Class 11 and Class 12

This Essay is contributed by Mohit Joshi Studying in Class 11, Aishwarya Vidya Niketan, Dhangadhi, Kailali Nepal (Year:2015-2016)

Movie is a series of moving pictures recorded with sound that tells us a story when shown at theater. It is also called a film or cinema. It is a drama shown in theater with the help of electricity. It is very popular now-a-days. Science has made many things possible which seemed to be impossible. It has brought things near which are too far from us. To be honest, sciences brought a big change in this world. Due to science, our illiteracy and darkness are gradually being erased. Things in dreams are happening live. We can record videos in camera and view in theater as a movie. All this credit goes to science.

The mother of movies is photography. Very small things are shown big in movies by the lens of camera. For making movies, many techniques are applied till now. After the labor of many years, An American citizen, ‘Edison’ was successful in this work. In 1890 AD, Edison got full success in this work. In 1913 AD, India started showing movies in the theater. In starting, movies shown in theater didn’t have any kinds of sound or characters in the movie didn’t spoke. For the first time in 1922 AD, there was audio in the movie. Nowadays, Black/White as well as colorful movies are released. Let’s pray that in near future movies will be more developed.

The popularity of movies is everywhere as well as almost all people love to watch it. At one hand, it provides entertainment and at other, it also shows our art. A movie also shows us some stunts which make us amazed. Sometimes, there is no limit of our enjoyment. Movie makes a laughing person cry as well as makes a crying person laugh too. From movies, we can learn and understand many things. It gives us knowledge about history, geography, social studies, health, science, etc. It presents industries, health and different elements of life in front of us due to which we get information about different topics. To see natural beauty or scenery as well as to learn dance, gesture and comedy and to know about real events, movies are the best source. We can listen to different songs from the movies. In some society, there is high popularity of music. We enjoy different musical instruments. Due to all above reasons movies are highly popular.

There is possibility of some disadvantages of anything that has advantages. We can guarantee that there are many advantages of movies but the disadvantages are not less. We can be beneficial from movies. We can increase our knowledge on different topics. But if we think about its disadvantages, our faith in movies becomes less. Movies also show some pictures which may push the new generation in wrong track. It may also abort the morality of the future generation. For the own benefit, producers and directors produce some porn movies to increase the attraction of many people to earn more money which affects the psychology of people or leaves a negative impact on the people. Some people are addicted to movies. If any new movie releases, they watch it in any condition which affects the study as well as which is loss of time and money. Due to the scenes with showing love, love-able gestures as well as showing physical relation in the movies, it has left a negative impact on the new generation. The government has also banned the production of pornographic movies. So, there are many advantages as well as disadvantages of movies.

The straight relation of movies is with human society due which it’s difficult to say the future of both. But also, we can say it will be better for human society if the people who watch porn and bad movies don’t progress. The people of new generation wait for many hours in bright heat sunlight for buying film tickets. If it is not bad thing then what is it! If the lost valuable time is spent in any good works, then it will be better for the person, society, country as well as all people. The producers of movies must produce movies which aim should be earning high popularity rather than high money. The movies must not affect the morality of human society.

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