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Link English – Complete Notes and Guides | HSEB Class 11

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Link EnglishNotes | English
Link English – Complete Notes and Guides
Grade: XI

Link English is designed as a course for linking the SLC English syllabus with the first year University English Syllabus. It can also be used in the first year of the higher secondary level, in addition to the other courses English.

It is recommended that the students should first take an English test for screening. A sample English test and its answer key are included in the book. It is further suggested that those embarking on this course should take a one-hour per-test and the same test at the end of the course as a post-test so that teachers would be able to measure student’s progress as well as assess the efficacy of the course. Guidelines for preparing this test are also included in the book.

The course consist of three parts: “Using an English Dictionary”, “John White – an English Student” (reading passages and exercises), and “Three Sample Lessons”. It may be necessary / possible to supplement it with a few more exercises, and suggestions for the construction of follow-up material are presented in this book.

We have Notes on Following Topic:

  1. Arranging Words in Alphabetical Order | Link English Class 11
  2. Quarter and Guide Word – Finding Word in Dictionary | Link English
  3. 10+ Rules of Checking Spelling – Link English Class 11
  4. Words often Confused in English Grammar | Link English
  5. Finding Meanings of Words in Dictionary | Link English
  6. Structures with Verbs / Jumbled Words | Link English
  7. Conjunctions – Grammar | Link English Class 11
  8. Comparisons and Word Formation | Link English

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