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Very Important Long Questions Collection – All Unit | Business Studies Class 12

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BusinessHSEB Exam | Questions Collection
Very Important Long Questions Collection
For: Management | Business Studies-II
From: All Unit | Class 12

We have listed some very Important Questions. The repeating frequency of this questions are Comparatively High. This questions are asked on lots of previous papers.

Unit One: Nature of Management

  1. What is management? Explain the characteristics of management?
  2. Explain management as an art or a science?
  3. Give the concept of management and distinguish it with administration?
  4. State and explain different level of management?

Unit Two: Principle of Management

  1. Explain the principles of taylor’s scientific management?
  2. Explain any seven principles of management developed by Henry Fayot?

Unit Three: Planning

  1. What is planning? Describe the procedure or steps of planning?
  2. Why is planning important in an Organization?Explain.

Unit Four: Organizing

  1. What is organization structure? Explain merits and demerits of line and staff organization structure?
  2. Distinguish between formal and informal organization?
  3. What is Organizational chart? Explain its types?
  4. Differentiate between delegation of authority and decentralization of authority?
  5. Explain any five methods of departmentation?

Unit Five: Decision Making

  1. Explain the different types of management decisions?
  2. Explain steps in decision making process?
  3. State and explain different types of managerial process?

Unit Six: Direction

  1. What is direction? What role(importance) does it play in management?
  2. Explain the principles of direction and its aspects?

Unit Seven: Motivation

  1. Describe Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation?
  2. What is motivation? Explain the importance of motivation?
  3. Difference between positive and negative motivation?

Unit Eight: Leadership

  1. What are the functions of managerial leadership?Explain.
  2. What are the types of leadership?Distinguish between autocratic and democratic styles of leadership.
  3. Define leadership? Explain the qualities of good leadership?

Unit Nine: Supervision

  1. What are the factors affecting supervision?Explain.
  2. Explain the factors governing effective supervision.

Unit Nine: Supervision

  1. What are the factors affecting supervision?Explain.
  2. Explain the factors governing effective supervision.

Unit 10: Communication

  1. Describe about the barriers of effective communication?
  2. Explain the principles or importance of communication?

Unit Eleven: Co-Ordination

  1. What is co-ordination? Why is coordination important in a business organization?
  2. Explain various principle of co-ordination?
  3. State and explain the elements of effective co-ordination?
  4. Explain importance of co-ordination?

Unit Twelve: Controlling

  1. What is control?Why it is important in business?
  2. Explain the essential of effective control?
  3. Explain the elements of adequate control?

Unit Thirteen: Risk Management and Insurance

  1. What is insurance? Explain any five principles of insurance?
  2. What is life insurance? Explain any three types of life insurance?
  3. Explain the procedure of effecting fire insurance?Explain three types of fire insurance?
  4. What are the risk covered under marine insurance?
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