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What Is Hydrogen (H) -Bonding | Chemistry Class 12

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Hydrogen BondingShort Question
What is Hydrogen – Bonding
For: Grade 12 | Chemistry

What is H-Bonding?
Hydrogen, which is bonded covalently with strongly electronegative element, can again form an extra weak physical bond with electronegative element; such weak bond is known as hydrogen bond, i.e. The electrostatic force that binds H-atoms of one molecule with electronegative atom of the other molecule of the same substance or of the different compound or within the same molecule is known as H-bonding.


Hence, Hydrogen –bond is electrostatic in origin. It – is represented by (…………) dotted line.

It is of Two Types:

  1. Inter-Molecular H-Bonding [Association]
  2. Intra-Molecular H-Bonding [Chelation]
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