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Human Resources – Economics Class 11

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human resources in nepalReference Notes | Commerce
Human Resources – Economics
For: Management Class 11

In ordinary sense, human resource refers the population of the country but in economics, the healthy, educated, and skilled manpower is known as human resource. So, human resource is the process of improving quality and efficiency of the people. According to the National planning commission, “Human resource is the knowledge, skill, efficiency and physical and mental capacity to do work inherent in the people of the country”.

Learning Objectives of This Chapter

  • Able to distinguish between human resource and human beings.
  • Analyze the role of human resource in economic development of a nation.
  • Describe the current population situation of Nepal.
  • Explain the major causes of rapid population growth in Nepal.
  • Analyze the consequences of population growth in Nepal.
  • Suggest remedial measures to control population growth in Nepal.

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