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General Rules for Constructing Diagrams – Statistics

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Unit: Statistics | Economics
Diagrammatic and Graphical
Representation of Data
Management: Class 11

General Rules for Constructing Diagrams

1. Choice of a diagram: Selection of an appropriate diagram is the most difficult task. It primarily depends on the nature of data, magnitude of the observations and the type of people for whom the diagrams are prepared. It requires great amount of expertise, skill and intelligence.

2. Selection of scale: There is no precise and concrete rule to select the scale. It should be selected as per the nature of the data and available space in the paper. But is should be remembered that if the data have to be compared the scale should be the same for each data set.

3. Proportion between width and height: The proportion between the width and the height should be according to the available space and it should look attractive and neat.

4. Title and footnotes: Appropriate title which covers the whole phenomena presented in the diagram must be mentioned at the top of the diagram. The title should be brief, self explanatory, clear and non-ambiguous. The footnote may be given at the left hand bottom of the diagram to explain certain points or facts.

5. Source of data: Source of the data from which the diagram is constructed should be mentioned at the left hand bottom of the diagram.

6. Index or legend: A brief index explaining various types of shades, colors, lines and designs used in the construction of the diagram should be given for clear understanding of the diagram.

7. Neatness and simplicity: Neatness is preferred in each and every part of ht functions and it is also necessary to maintain neatness while constructing diagrams. The designs, shades, etc. used in the construction of the diagrams hold be simple.

8. Labels: It must be remembered that the variables measured along the axe should be mentioned clearly with the units of measurement given.

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