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Fundamental and Derived Units: Definition and Characteristics

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Units and MeasurementReference Notes
Fundamental Units and Derived Units
Unit: Units and Measurement
Science | Physics Class 11

Fundamental Units and Derived Units:
Fundamental Units: Physical quantities which are independent and cannot be derived from other physical quantities are called fundamental quantities and their units are called the fundamental or basic units. The fundamental physical quantities are mass, time, length, temperature, electric current, intensity of light and quantity of matter.

Derived Units: The units of physical quantities which can be expressed in terms of fundamental units are called derived units. Units of speed, force, momentum etc. are derived units.

Characteristics of a Standard Unit:
Standard Unit of physical quantity must have following characteristics:

  1. It must be well defined.
  2. It must remain constant.
  3. It must be easily available and reproducible.
  4. It should be universally agreed.
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