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12+ Solved Examples of Paragraph Writing

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Paragraph Writing – Its 12+ Example ( Solved Questions )
Class: 11

Write about a dream that you have seen recently. [ Paragraph 1 ]
Yesterday I saw a terrible dream about a Ghost. In my dream, I found myself sitting with my friends in the jungle. When I was a little away from my friends, I saw a ghost dancing around me. It was telling me that I was going to be killed. In my dream, I cried so badly. I was asking for a help. My friends did not listen to me what I was saying. I fell in a critical condition. I thought I had to kill the ghost. Then, the fight began between the ghost and me. The ghost had had very sharp claws and redred eyes. It was so furious and so was I. I tried to thrash it on the stone. Fortunately, I succeeded on my own and the ghost was thrown into the river nearby.Finally, I went to my friends who were looking at me. They asked me how the fight was like. I also narrated the event as it was happened. The next day, the result of my dream came true. I got the first division in exam.

Write a couple of paragraphs to support/oppose on “Village Life is better than the City Life.” [ Paragraph 2 ]
People live in a village as well as in cities. The people who live in city have city life. The people who live in villages have village life. Village life is better than the city lives. People of the village are very helpful, kind and co-operative. They help in each other’s troubles and sorrows. They exchange their views, gather in feasts and festivals. But in the city we find the people selfish. They always keep busy (themselves). So they don’t have time to care others. They just gather in city to get faculties and help to pollute the city. The people of the village grow vegetable grains, fruits and so on. They eat fresh things whereas in city people don’t get fresh things to eat. People work in field in the village so they don’t need extra exercise but the people in city have to go to clubs and morning walk for exercise. The environment of the village is always clean. In the city, there is polluted environment which damages their health. The people of the village are stronger than the city though they have lack of facilities. Thus the village life is far better than the city life.

Write a short magazine article entitled “My First Day in College” [ Paragraph 3 ]
My name is Bhimsen Dahal. I am from Butwal. I have passed the SLC from Kalika Higher Secondary School Kalikanagar Butwal. Then I went to Mani Mukunda College to study science. I went there with my close friend Mohan Balami on the first day. He is my best friend and we studied in the school together for five year. We arrived at college in time. It was the first day for all the students. At first Raghubir sir came to teach English. We were sitting in the middle of the class. Teacher gave his introduction and asked us to introduce ourselves. After a few minutes, our English a teacher told the course details that we had to study in grade XI. When the class finished I realize that there were many other students from the same school we were from. Then other classes went on. I enjoyed the first day in my college. All the teachers were friendly. I returned home at 11 o’clock with new experience of life.

Write a brief geographical description of your country. Include only important and interesting information. [ Paragraph 4 ]
My country’s name is Nepal. It lies in the southern part of Asia between two large countries India and China. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Nepal has warm climate. It has mild type of climate. Nepal is divided into three distinct geographical zones. They are: high mountains lowland hills and plain Terai. There is fertile land in the Terai. Most of people in Nepal are farmers. Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Lumbini are famous places for tourists. Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali are important rivers. Highest mountain pick of the world, Mt. Everest is in Nepal. Important cities are Butwal, Biratnagar, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, Surkhet, Jhapa, Palpa Bharatpur, and Hetaunda and so on. Nepal is very rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Therefore, many tourists come here every year.

Write the short story on what physical and historical thinking you would like to see in your country. [ Paragraph 5 ]
Our country Nepal is rich in different physical and historical things. They all are interesting and unique in themselves. They make us remember our history of bravery. In spite of this, I would like to visit these places that fascinate me with full information about the past time and that give me more and more pleasure. I would look to visit these historical things that make me aware of my duty towards country and that facilitate me with nationality. I would like to visit those historical things that brightened our cultural sites that have simple but vast architecture and sculpture, that gives me knowledge about the lifestyle of the earlier people and that gives me detail notices about the persons. Furthermore, would you like to see those physical things provide me lots of relaxation? I would like to see or visit those places where environment is clean and healthy which is rich in natural vegetation. I would like to visit these place which surrounding more beautiful than the heaven. I would like to see these physical and historical things that make me feeling jealous my county and add natural beauty to my country. Some of these are Bhaktapur Darbar Square, Basantapur Darbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Pokhara, Mankamana, Dhankutta, Palpa, Chitwan National Park, Swargadwari, Muktinath, Jitgadhi in Butwal etc.

Write a story about someone whose plans went horribly wrong. [ Paragraph 6 ]
This is the story of my maternal uncle who had three daughters and one son. His name was Tahir. The family was very rich. The family had fifteen acres of land, a mill, two tractors two buses a truck and four houses in different places of Nepal; in Kathmandu, Butwal and Bharatpur and in Kapilvastu. Nobody had such a wealth in the village as he had. He used to work in a reputed bank. He had made a plan to make his son doctors. But the son was fallen in bad company. He used to take different kinds of drug and could not complete his doctor’s degree. He had to sell the property to make his son a doctor. He himself was accused of a huge corruption case in the bank. As a result, he had to sell rest of property to get rid of the corruption case. After some time, both the parents were badly injured in a bus accident. They had hardly recovered from the injury; a daughter eloped with a low caste boy. Because of these entire events, my maternal uncle got heart attack and hardly recovered losing lots of money. Now they are living in a small house with very little property.

Write a review of a film or a book that you have recently seen or read. [ Paragraph 7 ]
People watch film, read book for entertainment. I also like to see the films frequently. In the beginning I used to go to the cinema halls to see the films. Now I generally watch the film on TV channels or by using DVD player. Recently I saw a Hindi film called ‘Tiranga’ acted by Nana and Raj Kumar. The film is filled with the emotion of patriotism. They fought to save their country from terrorist. A villain called ‘Genda Swami’ kidnapped a well-known scientist of the country and forced him to make missile to destroy the country totally. But both the heroes failed his mission by plucking up the fudges of the missiles secretly. They killed the villain and the film finished. Dialogues of Nana are admirable. If you have time, you should see this film.

Write a couple of paragraphs in about 150-200 words, describing what would you do if you became a doctor. [ Paragraph 8 ]
If I became a doctor, at first, I would serve the poor people. I would facilitate those needy, sick and poor people correctly and give them medicine that helps to recover soon. If I became a doctor, I would not let the people die without treatment. I will serve the sick people; produce skilled and able main power to my country. If I became a doctor, I would go for running health camps in the different rural parts of the country, give them health education and request them to be careful about their health. I would also provide medicines for the sick people. The first thing that the doctors have to do is to help the sick people who come to them. So, I would try my best to serve them. Today, different criminal activities such as smuggling of kidney, hearts etc. are increasing. So I would try to give message about these activities to police and I wouldn’t follow such activities for money. Even though If I became a doctor, I would do some research works on different fatal diseases such as AIDS, Cancer etc. then if I became successful I would provide those medicines to the people at low cost. I would open a clinic in my village and provide health facilities to my villagers. I would shout for research in different modern technologies to the Nepalese doctors and do different medical operations in our own country. I would advise all the people to check up this health monthly. I wish I would be a successful doctor.

Write an article on ‘Good and Bad Effect of TV’. [ Paragraph 9 ]
Science has given different discoveries to the human beings. These discoveries are very useful for development. Among them ‘Television’ is one of the most popular discovery. A British scientist J.M. Layard invented the television. Television has become the major part of life. All the T.V. programmes are regulated by waves. We can see and hear different happenings of the world by sitting in our own room. We can entertain different programmes of T.V. while we feel bored. For students, T.V. provides different knowledgeable things about science and technology etc. which further develop the mind of the children. T.V. also provides different informal programmes to all. It helps to advertise the different new goods of companies. It helps to provide different information about health care. It gives knowledge about different wildlife and environmental conservation. It helps people to know every kind of news of the world. We can also enjoy different sport programmes on television. Thus, there is vital importance of television in the modern world. Everything has good and bad aspect so television is not exception of it. Now-a- days people are watching television for long time which may cause eye blindness and makes them fat and lazy because of lack of exercise. This also destroys the culture of the society and exports the foreign culture. It may also hamper the students learning as they hover around it. It may lead the society towards wrong direction. Anyway, if we use television in proper ways, we can develop our personality and build up our career. We can get the knowledge of the world quickly. So we should use the television to fulfil our necessities but we shouldn’t be used by it.

Write a short travel magazine article on your village or town or any other place of your choice (historic or religious). [ Paragraph 10 ]
During the last vacation, we went on a journey to Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha. I went there with my parents. We started our journey from Kathmandu at 6.30 am. We reach at there at 7.00 pm travelling Naranayanghar, Butwal and Bhairahawa. As it was already dark and we were too much tired because of a whole day journey, we looked for a good hotel nearby. We found a hotel and had a rest after dinner. We got up in the morning, had a bath. It was the month of Phalgun so the weather there was pleasant. We set to visit the important things and places of Lumbini. First, we went to Mayadevi temple. The temple was recently reconstructed. It was looking very beautiful. There was a long queue for pray. We also queued ourselves in the line. After sometime our turn came. We pray Mayadevi and Lord Buddha. There were many pictures on the wall of the temple related to Buddha’s life. We observed them interestingly. There was a famous pillar near the temple. It was erected by great emperor Asoka of India in 250 B.C. There was something carved on the pillar but we could not read them as they were carved in traditional language. Then we went to visit the monasteries made by different countries. There are many monasteries made by China, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. They look very beautiful made in different styles of their countries. We can see the art and architecture of different countries in the monasteries. After observation of the monasteries, we went to visit sacred garden. It was very peaceful. We went to see the ‘Flame of Peace’ near a large pond. It is said that it never goes out. Then we walked around the large surroundings of Lumbini. We had completely exhausted by then. We came back to our room and had rest. Next day we returned back to Kathmandu.

Write an account of the ‘Importance of peace for the development of a country.’ [ Paragraph 11 ]
Peace is important not only for a country but also for individual. If there is no peace in the mind of a human being, he can’t do any creative or productive work. In the same way if there is peace in a country it can progress otherwise there will be violence and killing in a country. When there is peace in country, everyone can do his work easily. The conflict between the Maoists and the government caused much destruction in country because there wasn’t peace during the conflict. When there is a peaceful environment, people can walk comfortably anywhere and they feel physically and mentally secured. There is possibility of liberty, equality and happiness when there is peace. In the same Constructive work like producing goods, building bridges, making roads etc. will take in the country. Though election of constitutional has been successfully completed and parliament has been formed. Parliament and constitutional assembly have been trying to establish peace and to write constitution of Nepal, but there is no convincing situation for peace and development. Let’s hope all will go on well.

Write a short paragraph about how you will spend your holidays. [ Paragraph 12 ]
At first, what I want say that, I quite like holidays but not so long holidays. I spend my holidays in my own ways. During the holidays, being a student, I finish my school homework first. I alternatively go out for visiting different places. During the holidays, I watch TV, for about 2-three hours and I would like to sleep for many hours even in day. I will visit different places and my friends. I would like to visit places like Swayambhu, museum, airport, zoo etc. and many other places. I feel very happy during the holidays. So I use an idea for passing time and to be active. The first thing I do is reading novels and play games. But I usually read and write in the morning and evening. I also go to my maternal uncle’s house with my mother. Sometimes I play football, volleyball, tennis and other games with my friends.

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