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Energy Crisis In Modern Society | Physics Grade XII

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Energy CrisisNotes | Physics
Energy Crisis In Modern Society
Class: 12

Now-a-days, the development of a nation is measured in terms of production, investment and conservation of energy.In our villages, fuel wood,crop waste and animal dung are still used as sources of energy for cooking,heating and lighting.The sources of energy which are exhaustible and can’t be replaced in the nature quickly when exhausted, are called non-renewable sources of energy.Fossil fuels and nuclear energy are examples.

The sources of energy which can’t be exhausted and can be replaced quickly and can be used continuously for long time are called renewable sources of energy. Solar,wind,hydroelectric,geothermal and bio-fuels are examples. It has been estimated that fossil fuels will last not more then 200-years at the present rate of consumption.Similarly,it is estimated that nuclear materials(uranium and thorium) will last at least for 100 years at the present rate of consumption.That’s why,we should conserve energy to avert the energy crisis.

Due to increase in population and rapid industrialization,the demand for energy is increasing at alarming rate. Thus, the world is likely to face a problem of energy scarcity.This is called energy crisis of our modern is a common saying that “energy saved is energy produced”.At individual level, we can do following cares:

  1. switch off light,fans,radio and T.V.,when they are not needed.
  2. Use room heaters, coolers and other appliances only when they are absolutely necessary.
  3. Use fuel-efficient machines in daily life.
  4. Use non-renewable sources of energy as least as possible. On a global level, following steps should be taken:
  5. Make a serious effort to develop technology to use renewable sources of energy.
  6. Try to develop sustained thermal nuclear fusion. it is successful,then we would have a virtually unlimited source of energy.
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