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Dream Variations – Theme / Significance of the Title | Major English Grade XI

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racial discriminationMajor English Class 11
Dream Variations – Solution
Theme / Significance of the Title
By: Langston Huges

“Dream Variations” written by black American poet Langston Hughes is a nostalgic lyric which bitterly expresses the poet’s wish for a carefree life away from colour persecution and racial discrimination.

The first stanza describes the poet’s dream to live a life of freedom in the land where there is no colour persecution. He wishes to rest in a cool evening beneath a tall tree, where dark night would come gently.

The second stanza describes harsh reality that black people has to face in America. In reality, his dream is shattered by racial prejudice and colour discrimination in America. His dream remains unfulfilled. He has to live a harsh life, a life of boredom and frustration. Even the night reminds him of his black colour.

Thus, this poem is entitled “Dream Variations” suggesting that the dreams of blacks is not fulfilled but varies or changes in real life in colour prejudiced American society. This poem is also an attack on American Dream that America is a land of freedom and opportunity.

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