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Animal Behavior – Download Notes of Zoology | Biology Class 11

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HSEB Reference Notes on “Animal Behavior”
For: Science Class 11

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Animal Behavior
The movement or resoponse of animal with their environment is called animal behavior. There are three types of animal behavior.

 Reflex action
The quick or immediate response toward stimulus is called reflex action. This is automatic or unconscious. The reflex action is also known as automatic response. There are two types of reflex action

Simple reflexes
Simple reflexes are inborn or unlearned, for example closing of eyes when an object approaches and secretion of saliva in mouth seeing sweet or sour food.

Conditional reflexes
The responses brought about by learning or experiences, for example ringing a bell and secretion of saliva in dog.

Mechanism of Reflex Action
The centre of reflex action is spinal cord. The afferent fiber or sensory fiber enters the spinal cord through the dorsal root and carry the impulse from the effectors organ to spinal cord. The efferent fiber or motor fiber passes through the ventral root and carries impulses away from the spinal cord to the effectors organ. The adjustor neuron in spinal cord communicates between afferent and efferent neuron.

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