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Amniocentesis (Amniotic Fluid Test) – Procedure | Biology Class 12

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Amniocentesis (Amniotic Fluid Test)
For: Science | Biology Class: 12

Amniocentesis also called as Amniotic Fluid Test (AFT) is a medical procedure in which amniotic fluid is taken out from the uterus of pregnant woman to determine genetic arrangement and sex of the fetus. Amniotic fluid contains fetal cells and wastes from the fetus and a fluid is used for prenatal diagrams of dmomosomal abnormalities, genetic disorder, sickle cell, anemia and Cystic fibrosis. Amniocentesis is performed between 14-16 weeks of pregnancy. The term amniocentesis refers to the process in which the fluid is tested between weeks 11 to 13. These are four purposes of amniocentesis:

  1. To enable timely medical treatment of children before or after birth.
  2. To give the parents the chance to abort the fetus if there is any abnormalities.
  3. If prepares the parents psychologically, economically, socially and medically for a baby with health problems.
  4. It helps in diagnosis of uterine infection.

Before the start of the procedure a local anesthetic is given to the mother in order to relieve the pain felt during insertion of surgical needle. The surgical needle is inserted with the guidance of ultrasound, which is connected with monitor in order to see position of needle inside the needle about 10-20 ml amniotic fluid is taken out and poured into Petri dish. The cells from the amniotic fluid are separated and then turned and stained. The cells are then examined under the microscope and chromosomal edition of the fetus is detected.

Women over the age of 35 have an increased change of carrying a baby with genetic abnormalities. Therefore such women are recommended for amniocentesis. If there is a family history of chromosomal problems in the offspring, amniocentesis is also recommended in such cases.

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