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Adverbs: Yet/still – Solution Examples | Meaning Into Words Grade XI

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Adverbs: Yet/still – Complete Guide
For: Class 11 / English Grammar
Meanings Into Words

Look at the following structures and do the activities given below.
Mahendra is riding old bike.
He hasn’t bought a new bike.
He is still riding old bike.


1. Write two sentences about each of these people using yet and still.
Shyam is unemployed.
(i)He hasn’t found a job yet.
(ii)He’s still looking for a job.

(a) Lisa doesn’t know whether she has passed her exams.
(b) Ajit is still using that house.
(c) Shankar’s essay is only half written.
(d) Marry is not in her office-it is her lunch time.
(e) Peter is a bachelor


(a) She hasn’t heard exam result yet.
She is still waiting for exam result.
(b) Ajit hasn’t sold the house yet.
Ajit is still using that house.
(c) He hasn’t finished it yet.
He is still writing as essay.
(d) She hasn’t returned yet.
She is still having launch.
(e) Peter hasn’t got married yet.
He is still looking for a civilized girl.


1. Write two sentences about each of these people using yet and still.
Example: Ram is looking for a flat.
(i)He hasn’t found anew flat yet.
(ii)He’s still staying in the old flat.

(a) Mohan is wearing old dress.
(b) Rita doesn’t know which subject she has to study.
(c) Prem has sold the house but is staying in the same house.
(d) Mina is studying grade XI.
(e) Bipin is working in the same company.

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